Gabrielle Richens – The Pleasure Machine


Gabrielle Richens is a model and actress, mostly in Australia. She is of British, Chinese and Indian descent. She starred in a Virgin Atlantic Airlines commercial that involved her ripping off her top and throwing it over her shoulder, and ever since she has earned the nickname “The Pleasure Machine” for reasons I still have been unable to find.Stats:

Age: 34
Height: 5’9
Ethnicity: British, Chinese and Indian (though she is often credited as being “South African”)












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  1. She was pretty big in the media here over a decade ago when she dated some meethead footballer, but I had no idea she had any Asian blood!

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen her topless too – she doesn’t have the best boob job I’ve seen.

  2. Very nice.Flawless lips.I’m gonna say they’re original equipment.Sometimes a masculine face will turn me off.Not in this case.It works on her.Goes without saying that the package from the neck down is bangin’.

  3. It’s a decent boob job.It just looks like her skin has’nt loosened up to let them settle.Good news for her in that she’s still got tight skin @ age 34.Coupla’ years those puppies will be flawless.

  4. I think you’ll find these shots are all very old – I have no idea what she looks like now, or how well her boobs have held up.

  5. Now that lead-in photo was an eye grabber! And for some reason, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was; “Bond girl.”

  6. Ive had the pleasure (no pun intended) of meeting her once ages ago & she is what we call an absolute “Glamour”….alas no she wasnt topless unfortunately, but man I love that posh accent.

    …That was like 10yrs ago though. Like Doc, I got no idea what she looks like now.

    I think the controversey with her was that the footballer all of a sudden disappeared mid-season & apparently left the country to chase her down in England & bring her back.

  7. Doesn’t look asian at all…she looks hispanic…well anyways she’s still hot for a 34 year old…to me she looks like a porn star…

  8. Not to stray here…but could someone post some screen shots of the cheerleaders for the Korean team from the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC.I was watching that last night & I now realize what American baseball is missing.

  9. She is in a movie called “Hack”(2007). Although she is still very beautiful , her implants are way more obvious than in the above photos. Alas!!!

  10. the second picture is my favorite of these. Nice looking lady. Not my regular cup of tea but refreshing all the same.

  11. No, she’s not 34 in any of these. She’s 28 in almost all of them, 29 in one or 2, 25/26 in most of the nude shots. The 2nd photo MIGHT be more recent (not sure where it is from), but I doubt it.

  12. Will you silly foreigners get it right? They are called “soccer” players not “footballers”. You over seas guys…do we Americans have to correct you on everything? Tisk tisk..

  13. The fact she’s 5’9 kept my attention.

    I bet in person and without lighting she probably looks more Indian than anything else. She’s sexy but not enough Hips for me to squeeze.

  14. Now thats the kind of post I’ve been waiting for. She looks/looked great in all the pics. She may not be full blooded, but who cares?

  15. Darklighter it was a rugby league player (the scandal) although I think she had a history of dating men from various ‘football’ codes in Australia and England hence the nickname.
    She was on a celebrity show where they were on an island, I think with Guy Leech and various other people. She always looked better than these photo’s show huge sex appeal. I also never realised she was part Asian

  16. darklighter1: AKAIK, she didn’t date soccer players, only “football” players as in rugby league and union.

    And for Europeans to call soccer football is just as vaild as any other code anyway – indeed, more so I would say, as it really is performed by the feet, whereas other “football” codes are performed by the hands. But hey, the American way is the only way, eh? 😉

  17. I’m thinking darklighter1 may have been trying to be sarcastic. If not, realize that a lot of us Americans don’t have any problem (nor should we) with Europeans calling soccer football. One thing though, what do they call American football?

  18. Overseas (including in Australia), American football is referred to as “grid iron” (don’t ask me why).

    For the record, in Australia we call Australian rules plus rugby league and union “football”, and we call European football soccer (like Americans do). Are we all confused yet? 😉

  19. I had the pleasure of being flamed alot by confusing soccer with football. Instead of sanjaying thier guptas I asked questions.

  20. Yes I was kidding about the football comments fellas. I know it drives Euros crazy to hear Football referred to as “soccer” here..I was just teasin.

    As for Gabrielle she kinda reminds me of a darker Raquelle Welch (when she was young of course). I hardly pick up any Asian in her at all…but she’s hot.

  21. First photo has one of the weirdest looking boob jobs (looks like her left boob is trying to go off to another beach by itself) I’ve ever seen and also some pretty hopeless Photoshop work (note her right arm and right side) intended to make her look more fit than she really is (probably).

  22. Amazing, incredible – except for that hideous implant job. That doctor should be beaten then fed to some crocs. I hope Lee is right and she’s had that corrected.

  23. The field that American football is played on is referred to (mostly in the past) as a gridiron because the stripes for the yard lines make it resemble a gridiron.

    Love the new pics, metelrider, thanks.

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