Funny advertisement for ‘Zushi’

zushi advertisement

Spotted this funny ‘Zushi’ advertisement last friday. I apologize for the bad photo quality, but it was dark, and using the flash was not possible with the window reflection. A better, but little different version can be seen at their website

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  1. If you want to take photos through a window then to the side about 500mm. That way you will bounce the flash into outer space instead of directly back at the camera. But I agree it is a nice photo.

  2. OK if you are looking straight at the window that is 90 degrees. If you take the photo then the flash will bounce straight back into the camera lens. If you move to the side a little bit and take the photo at say 75 degrees you will still get the subject in the photo but the flash will bounce off at the opposite 75 degrees. Imagine a clock and the subject is at 12 oclock. when you are at 6 oclock if you take the photo then the flash will bounce straight back. But if you move to about 4.30 oclock and still point the camera at the subject then the flash will bounce off the window at 7.30 oclock and you will not see it nor will the camera. I hope this is clearer, I rereaed my original instructions and do not think that I explained it clearly enough. You may want to experiment with the angles to get it just right for your camera but when you do it becomes very easy. Regards

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