Frost Ng

Frost Ng

23 year-old freelance model and student Frost Ng was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the US when she was 16. Based in New York City, she does mostly artistic and fashion, but she’s also done work as a fitting model. However, no glamour or nude. (Sorry, guys.)Frost is currently going to college, majoring in vocal performance. She’s tells me she’s a coloratura and studies Western classical music and opera. She actually gave me a lot of info on herself before she let me know she had a Model Mayhem profile that I could have gone to and gotten it from, but she was one of the most courteous and nicest girls I’ve ever featured here so corresponding with her was a pleasure.

Frost Ng

Frost Ng

Frost Ng

Frost Ng

Frost Ng

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0 thoughts on “Frost Ng”

  1. No glamour or nude? Well, I guess that’s OK. After all:

    “Even Cathy Berberian knows there’s one roulade she can’t sing”

    :#) (We’ll see who gets that.)

    Anyway, a pretty coloratura sounds good, to me. Looks pretty good, too.

  2. I second Melodylee’s comment.

    She looks very regular. In fact, I know a girl who looks like this. She’s pretty but we can’t even see what shes got.

  3. Are you guys seriously disturbed by that little tattoo on her WRIST? (I don’t see any other one.)

    Pretty harsh, I’d say.

  4. Cool. A girl who knows about being posted on AS and actually wants to be featured. What a nice change.

    I think she’s cute. I hope she does well.

  5. She may not be a Machu princess, like Kira Kaye, nor a “Chinese valkyrie,” as someone labeled fellow Singaporean KT So, but there is something about that first photo – the direct and “and what are you going to do about it?” stare – that I really like. Frost: you are one very cute, piaoliangde xiaojie. Like wylde8, I wish you the very best.

  6. Love the cute playful friendly smiles.
    Being musically talented always gets my attention. Would love to whisper things in her ear that are more of the off-coloratura variety, lol.

    Doesn’t have that mean stuck-up air that too many A-S subjects have.

  7. Yeah, I think the photos do not do her justice. Frost’s current Halloween photos show that she is very pretty, so I think a professional photographer will help her a lot.

  8. She may be fairly “regular”, but she’s still cute, and most importantly, she’s Asian Asian regular, as opposed to SoCal Asian regular or Asian American regular – I’ll take her over almost any current import model. And Johnnie’s tattoo comment deserves a Photoshop response from Bill I think. 😉

  9. You’re right Travis. She does look better in the Halloween pic… not that she looked bad before. I’d do a double-take if I saw her.

  10. Actually jd, what I meant was one of Bill’s “I would definitely pass on this girl” or “she is way below my standards” Photoshop mock-ups. 🙂

  11. Does anyone notice that the tattoo looks different in 2 pictures even though its the same hand? 3rd and 4th picture (including the top one)

  12. Wow, she’s actually quite pretty!!! To me, she’s got a strong Hongkie look (after all she is from HK), but that’s a good thing.

  13. “Hongkie”?!…that is funny.Yanks walk on eggshells if anything comes close to being a slur.When I lived in Miami…the Nicaraguans called themselves “Nica’s”.

  14. You guys are going really easy on her. If she told me she was a model, I’d say “hand, or foot?”

    I am not saying she is ugly. I would even probably date a girl with her looks if she was nice and sweet, but she simply is not exceptional enough to be an “asian siren”.

    In terms of looks, she is a solid 7 out of 10. Attractive, yes, but not exceptional, just above average.

    Also, the tattoo totally ruins the nice/cute look she could have otherwise pulled off. She can’t pull off the “bad girl” look anyway, so it just looks like a “try hard” attempt at looking edgy.

    I’m not saying this to make her cry, so I don’t need all of you getting all “white knight” on me. This site is all about commentary on asian sirens.

    Maybe she is a nice girl. So was my ex girlfriend. So are some of the girls I date. They aren’t asian sirens, though, and while they are attractive girls, I certainly wouldn’t put them up on here next to Grace Kim.

    CEC, no offense to you either, you just don’t seem to like DDG girls, lol.

  15. Yeah the whole Honky-Hongkie thing was just my attempt at levity fellas. Thanks though Doc. It just made me laugh is all, never heard anyone from HK referred to that way.

    Oh Lawfin, come on brother! Grace Kim is a Goddess, it just isn’t even fair to compare Frost with her. But Frost is a cutie.

  16. She certainly is pretty…just wish she had more tattoos. Like a full or half sleeve for example. Or something going up her neck peeking out of her collar. Cause I sure love tattoos on women. HOTTNESS!

  17. There is no offence intended when I used the name “Hongkie”. I meant a person from Hong Kong, but I’m not using it as a slur. I guess I should use the more politically correct term “Hongkonger”.

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