Francine Dee was someone that I was looking to revisit since I started writing for Asian-Sirens. She was one of the first models that made me take a notice to Asian models. Plus she is still a goddess, so I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to review her website which re-launched recently. This is also the first time that I am writing a website review for, so check after the break to find out more.Appearance: Upon checking out the homepage for the site, I was impressed by its design. The native resolution of the site is 1920×1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. According to the webmaster, the site was designed to work on tablets to desktops to HDTVs. I use a widescreen monitor on my desktop computer, so the site is beautiful to look at with each page displaying a sexy image of Francine in the background while the main content is either displayed at the bottom or in the center of the page. The website also scales well, so even if you are viewing the website on a monitor that is lower than the native resolution, the site should still be nice to look at.


Layout & Navigation: I loved that the layout of the site was very clean and simple. The links for navigating the site are displayed at the top left of the page, the name of the page that you are currently viewing is displayed under Francine’s name in the left center. Main content is displayed at the bottom of the page and displays in the center of the page when viewed. At the bottom right when viewing content, there is also a dropdown box for selecting content by year. Francine’s social networking links are displayed in the bottom right.

The layout of the site made it easy for me to navigate to the content that I wanted to view. It is also worth mentioning that the website does not take long to load when navigating pages because I hate waiting through loading screen when navigating other websites.

The only issue that I had is that when I am looking at content such as photos or journal entries, the box that the actual content appeared in was too small. You can resize the window which is not a problem if you are viewing the website from a computer using a keyboard and mouse, but it may be an issue for those who maybe viewing the site on a tablet or an HDTV using another method of input.

Site Breakdown: At the top left under the menu entitled Francine, you can find her biography, an art gallery, images of how the past designs of her website looked, a section where you can ask Francine a question, a section where you can purchased personal items and autographed merchandise, Francine’s journal with entries dating back to 2001, a section with contains additional videos, photos, and other goodies from external sources, Francine’s tear sheet, and her vlog with videos dating back to 2008.

Next to that, you can find the links to Francine’s photosets and videos. At the right, you will find links for photosets of other models that are featured on the site, house cams, friend sites, contests, and to the 3D live video chat which looks to take place every Thursday night. At the very top left, you can find the latest tweet from Francine’s Twitter feed, and at the very bottom, you can find additional links for the website and additional social networking links for Francine.

Content: I was impressed by the amount of photosets that had to offer. The site offers plenty of high quality photosets to check out dating all the way back to 1997. You can either choose to view a set in a lightbox and select the photos that you want to view, which then opens the photo in another lightbox with some navigation controls at the bottom along with an option to view the full size photo. Just to give you an idea, the photo that I have below of Francine using her tongue to hold her necklace and also shown below has a full dimension of 1920 x 2880.
Each photoset also includes the option to download the entire set in a zip file, and each gallery also includes a preview image to check out.


There are plenty of photo galleries to check out. You can choose to view them in a lightbox or download the photos to your computer in a zip file. I love that for each photoset that it offers a high quality preview image to view, along with a sample gallery that you can download.

Along with photosets of Francine, you can also check out artwork submitted by fans, photos from featured models such as CJ Miles, Alley Baggett, Tera Patrick, and additional linked content. also offers videos dating back to 2000. Just like the photosets, the videos are also displayed at the bottom of the webpage to view with navigation arrows at the left and right to scroll through them. Clicking on one of the preview image links opens the video in a lightbox for viewing. There are a lot of videos to check out and Francine is very sexy in every one of them. I was surprised to not see more videos that were produced currently or an option to download the videos which I feel should be available for a pay site.

The one thing that I wasn’t able to check out was the live 3D chat that offers, but there is a very hot demo video that you can check out when you click on the link.

Mobile: also offers a fully functioning mobile site for those who may want to view the website from an iPhone, iPod, Android, Palm, Nokia, or other mobile device. I use an Android phone, and it was very easy to use the touch screen to navigate the website and view content. I could see the mobile version coming in handy for viewing photos and video, especially with the huge amount of hot photos and sexy videos that has to offer.

Pricing: offers two membership options that you can sign up for using a check or credit card. You can choose to purchase a 30 day membership for $24.95 which equals to 83 cents a day, or a 90 day membership for $59.95 which equals to 66 cents a day or $19.98 a month.

Conclusion: This was the first time that I wrote a review for a website, so it took me a while to prepare this article and discuss what I thought was important. While preparing this article, I was also checking out other reviews for websites, and they ended their reviews with some type of numerical points system rating various aspects of the website. I thought about doing the same, but numbers don’t tell me much when what I really want to know is whether the site is worth the money or not to become a member.

For me, since I collect photos, becoming a member of is definitely worth the money. The amount of high quality photosets that are available on the site is incredible. Plus you get access to a ton of video, Francine’s live chat, and access to additional content. What’s also worth another mention is just how amazing of a beauty Francine is. Simply put, she’s a goddess.

Lastly, if you are interested in having your website reviewed you can do so by using the Contact Asian Sirens form and sending us the necessary details. Thank you for reading this review of


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  1. Not used to seeing “Site” reviews here.

    Anyway Francine is one of those women that it depends on the mood and picture. She is a very beautiful women with a terrific body. It’s her boob job that keeps putting me on the fence. Personally I think it is a little over the top for her body. Some angles outstanding and others I just ask “why”. Also being a “beggar” that shouldn’t be choosy her boob job is not so bad that I would say “no” given the opportunity to spend some time with her.

    I guess you could say like most people she does have her bad angles but the good definitely out weighs the bad.

  2. I agree with wknight. I think she is an extraordinarily beautiful woman and a ‘legend’ in the industry. Her popularity to this day speaks for itself.

    That said her breast job is the one factor that I am more than on the fence about. I’m trying to be sensitive to Francine as I’m sure she will read this. I don’t mean it in a mean spirited way, but just that it is out of proportion and does not suit her great beauty

    I do like the time and effort spent on the website. Seems like these days models and the like don’t have a lot of personal websites.

  3. I have always liked Francine Dee. She’s been around since well… anyway who cares. She will always be hot even when she is 64 +

  4. I’m with Basho. Awesome face and body. The implants don’t bother me. Funny, I came up to Vegas this weekend and almost went to the SR. Too busy – maybe next time.

  5. Francine Dee is probably one of my all time faves when it comes to asian sirens…or any sirens for that matter.

  6. She broke a lot of ground for import models seeking to brand themselves in a financially rewarding manner.

    She’s probably more responsible for men asking their Asian girlfriends to dye their hair blonde than any other, as her ten year old Santa Claus pics are almost iconic.

    Good luck, Miss Dee!

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