Francine Dee – Welcome To Womanhood

Francine Dee has posted a humorous video on her YouTube page lamenting that being a popular model is not as glamorous as one might think. Play the video to see Francine outlining her daily routine of cooking, cleaning and general household chores. Check out Francine’s other YouTube videos for some of the sexy action you are used to from her!
Francine Dee

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Francine’s Official Website
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Francine @ Asian Sirens 10 June 2006
Francine @ Asian Sirens 09 July 2005

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0 thoughts on “Francine Dee – Welcome To Womanhood”

  1. In some ways she’s hotter without makeup. Definitely would be a nice change of pace for a lucky guy.

  2. Watching that rollerblading video was a somewhat disconcerting experience – despite all the physical activity, her tits don’t move a millimetre! They must be hard as rocks. This, combined with the odd nipple postion really makes them a little strange for me, even though I normally like big fake tits.

  3. That video was lame. And Francine is gorgeous but she didn’t need her tits to be that big. She would have been cool if she had stuck with the first surgery. Those things don’t look good.

  4. I am and always will be a wannabe lover of hers. HOT!!! and i still love her nipple placement also.

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