Filipina American Idol Finalist

Ramiele Malubay of Florida has made it into the final 12 females of American Idol Season 7. The video above is her performance from last night’s show. She’s a tiny girl with a big voice. Good luck Ramiele!

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0 thoughts on “Filipina American Idol Finalist”

  1. She is a very talented person and totally cute.
    I saw her when she audiotioned the first time and was lucky to see again again this time. Hope she wins the competition.
    Anyway, having gotten to this point I’m sure she already has a lot of biz propositions from the Phils.
    Good for her

  2. awww that was so cute! “hair and makeup” LOL she was so speechless, i’m sure she’s gonna look back on that and laugh one day

  3. I’m impressed with the fact that she refrained from over-singing – usually performers in talent quests try to hard to impress by over-doing it.

    Still, why do so many singers sound black these days, no matter what their nationality is?

  4. I’m pulling for her. Still, my girlfriend and I had to laugh at how much she was crying about everyone who got voted out yesterday. I mean come on. She hasn’t even been exposed to these people that much yet. She needs to save those tears for a time when she performs badly so people will still vote for her… like Jasmine Trias did.

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