Feya Sue @ Adversus.nl

Feya @ Adversus.nl

And another beautiful Asian model from The Netherlands. Well, originally from China, Feya Sue moved to The Netherlands two years ago to study here as an international student. She hasn’t been modeling very long yet so I could not find more than this Adversus gallery and four studio photo’s at ReModels.nl. Hope she will do more model work soon. She sure has the looks for it.Some facts:

Birthdate: 16-12-1981
Height: 1.64 m
Weight: 48 KG
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Available for: Portrait and glamour

After I posted this article, Feya was kind enough to provide us with some extra photo’s (on which IMHO she looks even more beautiful). The photographer is Peter Roubos, and you can see more photo’s he took of Feya here.

She also said she was invited by www.dona-production.com to attend ‘Miss Sirens Of The World’. She is not yet sure if she will go. Does anybody have more information on this organisation?

Feya Sue (Photography: Peter Roubos)

(Photography: Peter Roubos)

Feya Sue

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