Felicia Tang

Felicia Tang

No text, just pictures of Felicia Tang.

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  1. Hi
    I’m new here……love this blog.

    Could somebody post a link where I can get some wallpapers of felicia tang?

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Felicia Tang

Felicia Tang

Beautiful Felicia Tang was born in Singapore, but now lives and works (in the mortgage banking industry) in Los Angeles. Felicia has been featured in both Playboy and Penthouse Thailand editions, on the websites of Asian Dreamgirls, Finestwomen and Mac & Bumble. You may have seen her in ‘The Fast and the Furious’, Jackie Chan’s ‘Rush Hour 2’ and ‘Cradle to the Grave’ with Jet Li. I am not sure if she does hardcore. Hope not. Anyone?

Here you’ll find a free gallery at davesfreestuff.com. And lot’s of links to free galleries at AsianSexExpress.com.I think she had a boob job πŸ˜‰ Check out these photo’s.

Felicia Tang, photo by DEANGELO

Felicia Tang

I must say I like it better before… Not a big fan of silicones. But I think I am alone in this πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ah, you found the famous Asian Dreamgirls archives! I wonder which asian model in the bay-area didn’t pose nude for them when they just turned 18.

  2. This is true. As far as I’m aware, Masuimi Maxx is pretty much unique in her actual promotion of guns as a ‘good thing’ for society. On the other hand, photographers using guns as ‘sexy’ props surely cannot be a good thing, and I am strongly against it.

    I for one will never do this type of shoot (get it?), and nor will Sachiko, no matter how much money she is offered. Yes, there are some models and photographers in this industry with principals – perhaps one reason why neither of us has been as successful as we could be!

    As to Robin’s original comment, I think she looks infinitely better with implants! πŸ™‚

  3. I think that Felicia Tang looked much better pre-implants. It is not just the implants I don’t like. She looks much different in those two pictures and it is not an improvement IMHO.

  4. Getting a bit off topic of Felicia Tang but glad you liked the Asianmodelpalooza video clips! They actually didn’t allow video at that event but I used my digital camera so it probably looked like I was just taking pictures.

  5. I just checked into Felicia’s website, I join from time to time, and come to find out she has retired from modeling. I was kind of surprised. Well good luck to her in whatever she does next in her life. I’ll miss her, she was one on my favorites.:(

  6. I think some of the comments are a little harsh about her post-‘work’ look. She was an import car girl, not doing toothpaste commercials.

    So did she get married? Why the retirement?

  7. Yeah she had a fantastic boob job too. I can’t understand the criticism either WC.

    She took some time off earlier this year for a family emergency so maybe it has something to do with that. Plus she’s in her 30’s so it may just be too much of a bitch to stay in her fighting weight anymore. Really going to miss seeing that bod and smile though.

  8. I have to agree – I think her boob job is fine, and I think she looks better after than before. It seems there’s a lot of guys on here who like to show how PC they are or something by always decrying boob jobs. But I bet they pop off more to the post op pics. πŸ˜‰

  9. i’m a big fan of felicia. just like to know if anyone has access to her website? hope you won’t mind sharing your password with me. i promise i won’t misuse it.

  10. Hi!

    Anyone notice how different she look this year in the face?

    I hear she was on all sorts of medication, someone told me she even wet herself during a chat this year too, think it was Feburary?

    She was best for chats.


  11. She was fantastic on chats but never heard the wet story. Did she get wet, or did she wet herself?

    As for her face she had some botox added to her lips a few years back that didn’t come out perfectly but still she looked gorgeous.

  12. well i dont have a credit card u see. so i’m hoping if someone can lend me their password. i promise i won’t misuse it.

  13. You must be over 18 to be on this site. Please contact your parents and tell them you are viewing nude images. Or ask them to buy you a subscription to her website for the holidays. See how cool they are.

  14. Its a pity she’s hung up her g string. Her boob job is a bit uneven, I personally prefered her b4 but shes still super sexy. I luv her webcam footage, she aint shy!, but a more beautiful set of lips (the lower set!) would b hard to find. Her bod looks like it would feel as good as it looks, great skin & amazingly slim toned legs! I wish Sunghi would do a few webcams like Felicias, but she’s a bit straight 4 that kind of posing

  15. Does anyone have that website collection? I meant to become a member again but I just never got around to it. Now that she is gone…. Wow. Hard to believe.

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