Emily Chang for Ruffles Ultimate

This 30-second spot featuring actress Emily Chang (not to be confused with the journalist or web designer of the same name) as a quick-to-catch-on poker player, has been running on network TV in the US for the last several months. Emily is no newcomer to acting, with many credits and a New York regional Emmy Award under her belt, but this commercial seems to be on its way to achieving a sort of cult status and becoming what she’s best-known for. So far, anyway. Oh, for the US readers who are no doubt familiar with this ad; Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Video link and Link to her acting don’t work for me.
    [blank stare at white wall].
    Don’t even celebrate TD.
    And the day here is fifty shades of grey. And that is rubbish erotica too!

  2. Love it.
    Still…Jennifer Tilly was’nt available?
    Now THAT would’ve been some real “inside baseball”. Not to mention…she’s my favorite GILF.

  3. Jennifer Tilly is a grandma?

    My daughter waited on her in a store here in Vegas — must have been here for a poker tournament.

  4. You know what’s cool? I like how her character in this commercial “grows” from the shy and submissive girlfriend to a “BOSS” running the table. It is not the Hollywood stereotype of a kung-fu master or a submissive woman. Just a regular gal.

    Happy Thanksgiving for whom the bell tolls.

  5. http://whoisthathotadgirl.tumblr.com/post/24195370286/q-who-is-the-hot-girl-playing-poker-in-the

    I found her here and was going to suggest a write up. Gorgeous and smart.

    This is a favorite site of mine – you foreigners (no slur intended) will find this site US-centric for the TV ads. For that matter, kind of Cali centric since we don’t have Carl Jrs in my part of the world.

    Ditto Sir French. Virtual coma from too much turkey, ham, potatos, pie and three football games.

  6. I keep replaying this commercial. Scratch what I said about Jennifer Tilly. ( though she’s still more than welcome to eat crakers in my bed) That “BA-ZING” line is just killer.
    Excellent casting.Right down to the “Dorky Todd” boyfriend.

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