Ella Koon


Ella Koon is a singer and an actress. She was born in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and speaks Cantonese, English, Mandarin and French. She has 4 albums and has been in a variety of different Chinese dramas.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: 5’6
Born: Tahiti, French Polynesia
Lives: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Han Chinese










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  1. Pretty–and according to the stats, the tallest woman to ever appear on asian-sirens. Unless…

  2. That’s how you get people to read an article. Start off with a pic that grabs the peoples attention, such as a cute chick who’s grabbing her feet.

  3. Bigfoot: “I will be shocked if anyone has a complaint about Ella.”

    –Small boobs, small butt. There ya go!

    Not trying to be mean here either. She’s pretty, obviously very fit, and cute. But she’s not really sexy to me. I’m sure she’d take this as a compliment, but she looks like she should be on iCarly or Hannah Montana, something like that. She closer to jailbait than alluring or arousing, too innocent looking.

    I totally get that too few Asian women are as curvy and developed as the recent posts of Hitomi or Mikie, but the child-like, just-hitting-puberty bodies just aren’t attractive to me.

    Yoko (the previous post) is slightly more curvy, and way more attractive, very much more alluring than Ella and able to pull off the innocent-but-not-really-innocent look without making me feel creepy. Maybe its cause Yoko is Japanese–they do seem to pull off that look real easy, but not really so much for Chinese girls.

  4. Love her. Looks all woman to me, not girlish.

    “Small boobs/butt…uh yeah… this is Asian Sirens not African American Sirens, right?

    The most negative thing I can come up with: her second-rate yoga instructor. In the last yoga shot she is cheating big-time by not having her heels on the floor. Not as flexible as she seems. My 60-year-old yoga teacher could do circles around her and her teacher.

  5. Hmmm – another case where I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. For me, her nose job is quite overdone, and she looks pretty bland overall.

  6. Lovely gal..esp photos #2, 5 and 6.
    Leave it to Dr. Lee to be the Devil’s Advocate 😉 But that makes interesting Forum…

  7. luvjgirls: Small boobs/butt…uh yeah… this is Asian Sirens not African American Sirens, right?

    So, most Asian women are supposed to be flat chested and flat assed? Sorry, but I’ve known plenty that aren’t and seen plenty more on top of that.

    I just don’t see the charm in looking at women that look like little girls and have the bodies of little boys. They don’t have to all be as busty as Hitomi, but I don’t like girls that are so flat on both sides that they disappear when they turn sideways or are so thin that they look like their parents forgot to feed them when they were growing up!

  8. I understand some like bigger boobs, and more meat. But how can anyone say Ella looks like a little boy? That’s just outrageous.

    She looks very much like a healthy woman with a nice tight body. Not boyish at all, IMO.

  9. While I agree she looks feminine, I’m quite surprised that – with all the westernising facial surgery she’s had – nobody’s complained that she doesn’t look Asian enough. In the past, I have commented that Eurasian looking girls tend to either be really gorgeous (the best of both worlds) or quite bland (neither one nor the other). Clearly pretty much everyone except me thinks she’s the former, but for me, she’s very much the latter. She is basically pretty, but IMHO, quite unremarkable.

  10. I like her figure but I also had the same reaction that Dr. Lee had. When I first saw her, I just assumed she was Eurasian but when I looked her up on the net, apparently both her parents are Han Chinese and her face DEFINITELY doesn’t look Han Chinese. For me, her face though attractive, looks a little strange like the parts just don’t fit correctly.

    Oh well, I guess I just prefer the full Asian look rather than the mixed one.

  11. This girl has a little boobs, I’d say a B cup, so she’s not flat chested and she is average for a Chinese woman. A big booty on Chinese women is very uncommon (at least here in Shanghai) but quite a few have some nice boobs.

    If you think this woman looks like a boy than for the most part you are visiting the wrong site, because other than the AV models with boob jobs I’d say this woman’s body is quite typically Asian.

  12. China is a such a big country with more variation in appearance than one thinks. There are plenty of Chinese people who look ‘white’ and have not had surgery. Several of my family members naturally have what are considered stereotypical ‘white’ features. E.g. My uncle has big double-lidded eyes, my aunt and cousins have more ‘white’ noses, some of my cousins have longer or more angular faces, my father has a prominent and pointed chin… So unless there is a way to be 100% certain of facial surgery from pictures (and what would only be post-surgery pictures), I would say it is entirely possible her features are natural.

    As for her not being ‘curvy’ enough… isn’t it a bit counter-intuitive to look at a site for Asian women if you love lots of curves?

    I also think that Japanese women in general are not the best for pulling off cute but sexy. To me, they are the cutest of the cute. Even when they’re supposed to act ‘sexy’ they are grinning sweetly, looking doe-eyed and tilting their heads to one side.

  13. When I see her yoga pic, it makes me hurt. I don’t want to take that lesson. In bottom line, I like her but not so much.

  14. @ PapayaBubbleTea: I agree with you about the figures; hard to find naturally curvy Asian girls though some fit that mold. Even within China, the differences in figure from one province to the other are quite noticeable.

    I also agree with you on the variation within faces in China, since I’ve lived in both Shanghai and Taipei. However, having traveled all over both countries, I have never seen a Chinese girl that looked like this one. There’s just something about her face that doesn’t quite fit. Is it from surgery or really natural? I have no idea.

  15. @ PapayaBubbleTea: I think the reason for your Japanese girl comment is that the “cute” little girl look is what sells there. I have seen plenty of Japanese women who are ultra sexy in a more womanly way but they don’t get on the covers of fashion magazines.

    In fact, my best friend in Hiroshima has the pretty yet sexy look. She also has curves, but that’s really unusual for the culture. Her friends say it was from eating too much American food when she attended college here. 🙂

  16. i agree with Dr. Lee.
    I find her facial surgery a bit obvious and off-putting.

    Very nice natural looking body though!

  17. Anyone got a shot of her before surgery? I’m always curious about what might have been….

  18. I read an article in some magazine recently that said Japanese girls were getting taller, bigger busted and curvier because of the western influence in food. I have no idea of this is actually true, but if it is it’s interesting. lets hope they don’t go to the extreme and become fat pigs like so much of this country. I know that’s a generalization but we are notoriously obese as a whole.

    I’m not sure I buy it, the girls in Jtown here in La are all still wafer thin so it would seem to be a urban legend.

  19. I don’t understand how you could think she looks like a kid — her boobs are big enough to have real cleavage, even with a sports bra. Is she the most gorgeous lady ever featured here? No, but I find her very cute and sexy.

  20. Hakka guy – Is there any way you can explain in more detail? Or is it something about her face you can’t quite put your finger on? The only thing I can see is that her eyes are kind of asymmetrical.

    It’s definitely true that cuteness sells, though I cannot really comment on there being very sexy Japanese women since I’ve never been there. I have had many opportunities to go and even the chance to live there, but sadly I was unable to do so. I can only say that I have seen these sexy Japanese women in film.

    slackerking – I think you are right that it may be an urban legend because women who gain ONLY in their bust and hips from eating lots of junk food are rare. Unless they are using the word ‘curvier’ in the way western women use it… i.e. overweight.

    I lived in an area in North America where there were a lot of Asians and, if this were true, wouldn’t the Asian women born in North America also change in the same way? I saw mostly slim Asians and some overweight ones, but none that were slim with big breasts and hips.

  21. @ PapayaBubbleTea: More like something I can’t quite put my finger on. Her look just doesn’t quite fit. Having traveled as extensively in Chinese countries and regions, I would have expected to have run into someone with her look before now.

    Japan is an interesting country though expensive to visit. You can eat pretty well without spending much but the hotels are pricey and transportation is also high.

    The most beautiful girl I ever saw in Asia was on a train from Haneda Airport to Shinegawa but the funny thing about it is that she probably wasn’t considered that pretty in Japan. That’s something that doesn’t get mentioned much; many girls that westerners consider beautiful aren’t even considered pretty over there.

    I’ll send several photos of girls I worked with to my friends and ask them to pick out the pretty ones and though their choices are close to mine, they’re never what the Asian guys would choose.

  22. Hakka Guy – I’ve lived in the UK, North America and Europe and I honestly can not say if any white person has had surgery unless it is very obvious. Even when they have a bit of a ‘strange’ face to me, it can be entirely natural. Maybe if I look at lots of before/after pictures I might be able to tell, but I cannot tell just from having lived among white people. I guess you have to have an eye for it.

    Is that expensive compared to North America? It may well be ‘normal’ or even ‘cheap’ compared to what I am used to.

    I definitely have noticed that. I think my idea of what is beautiful is somewhere in between, maybe leaning a little more to the Asian side. A number of Asians western men point out as pretty just look like your average Asian to me. Sometimes they even look quite unattractive to me.

  23. PapayaBubbleTea: Thanks for the response. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we each have our own preferences.

    From my experience, I’d say that Taiwan contains the largest number of goodlooking women, the average Japanese woman isn’t that pretty but the really beautiful ones are the most beautiful I’ve seen in Asia, the Korean women have the nicest arms, small waists and more muscular legs and ass, and by far the nicest legs I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world are in eastern China in the Shanghai area.

    A few years ago the big fashion in Shanghai for a couple of summers were those short short denim shorts. I’m not normally a girl watcher but some things are just too good to miss. I was in leg heaven!

    I definitely prefer the pure NE Asian look. I like natural eyes, noses and figures.

    Prices in Japan are much higher than in North America. Hotels are not only high but the rooms are quite small. However, they have the best toilets I’ve ever seen! Transportation costs are also high. You can eat for a decent price but the better restaurants are also expensive.

    Average food in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore is much better than the average food in Japan, but the upper end restaurants in Japan are very, very good. In general, I prefer Chinese over Japanese food.

    For my first few trips to Korea, it seemed that every night they’d take us to another barbecue place. Then one time I was taken to a restaurant where they served us about 20 small dishes, each with just a couple of bites for each of us. It was fantastic! I found out from the girl I was with that this is how they normally eat at home.

  24. Hmmm…that’s weird, I’ve never heard of her and seen her appear in any of the Hong Kong movies. Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow are really good at snapping pretty unknown girls to appear in their movies. If any of you guys have more info on this pretty girl please let me know…Thanks…

  25. Hakka Guy – Thank you for replying too! 🙂

    Yes and that’s what makes the world an interesting place!

    I really wish I could live in Asia. My father never immersed me much in the Asian culture and I find it a pity.

    So Shanghai is quite liberal with how women dress? I saw a job there that would be perfect for me, but to find my husband a job there too would be a problem… I find I have the most freedom with how I dress in Europe (from my experience so far). In North America people really stared at me even when the only skin showing was on my thighs (shorts with knee high boots).

    Sounds like Japan is probably equivalent to or a little more expensive than Europe then. Perhaps similar to the UK?

    I prefer Chinese food too, but then my father is Chinese!

    I’ve only tried Korean food once or twice, but I loved it and I also enjoyed eating at a Korean barbecue restaurant. It was similar to what you described and it was a lot of fun.

  26. Hi PapayaBubbleTea (cool name, btw): Did you know bubble tea was invented in Taichung, Taiwan? A vendor had a bunch of tapioca he was trying to get rid of and put it in his iced tea. It soon spread over the island and now sold in many countries. In Shanghai they used to call it “milk pearl tea”.

    My wife is from Taiwan (she’s Hakka or kejia, hence the name) so that’s my connection to Asia. Hope you can get to Asia one day since it’s a real eye opener and I mean that in the best way possible.

    I wouldn’t say Shanghai is quite liberal in the way women dress. I’d call it ‘fashionable’. In Chinese society, you wear what is appropriate to the occasion and if someone wears something not appropriate, they would lose face. Chinese society is relatively “lock step” when it comes to fashion. Since those shorts were fashionable, everyone wore them.

    Shanghai is the most international of Chinese cities. They are more apt to look outward at the rest of the world. It’s the only city I’ve ever visited that reminded me of NY City; similar attitudes.

    Sometimes in China I’d see foreign women (almost always European) wearing tight, sleeveless low cut tops in summer, and these women were not exactly slender. The remarks from the Chinese were that they had “cow breasts” and to be honest, they looked ridiculous. They were tolerated because they were “foreign” and therefore uncivilized, ha ha. But it was obvious that they were oblivious to the culture surrounding them.

  27. She’s very slinky… pic 4 shows her body type. It’s a very nice type. I wouldn’t mind a lot of bodies like that all around me. She’s beautiful….

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