Easy on the Eyes – Shinta Dewi


I think contrary to conventional belief, many Indonesian girls are available for nude modeling; if you know where to look or who to ask I guess. Here is one sample of what’s available out there; Shinta Dewi is one of my favourites. Easy on the eyes isn’t she?





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  1. Wow, she looks great, thx Kanyer!

    But what does ‘Shinta Dewi’ means? When I did a search on google I got a huge list of villas on Bali!?

  2. Dr Lee, will this become a copyright issue ? the photos were originally taken by exoticazza.com ,a nude indonesian women website.

  3. Marco, both Shinta (or Sinta) and Dewi are common Indonesian names. Not sure about the meaning of Shinta but Dewi means Goddess.

  4. Really cute! I think more Indo girls would pose nude if they weren’t labled “Indo” girls. Then the government comes looking for them and Muslim facists want to burn down their homes etc.

  5. Robin, I see no need to worry about the copyright thing for this. It’s clear where the photos originated from.

    In fact I’ve been hesitant to share many other goodies as I feel that you guys might find it commercial in diguise.

    ExoticAzza.com was the first “professionally developed” commercial adult site in Indonesia. The site was initially dedicated to the model by the name of Azza. A few years ago the site was claimed to be taken over by some people in the US, but I guess it was just their way of misleading the cops here.

  6. While I appreciate the post Kanyer, this looks like a copyright infringement to me. Robin? Marco?

    Regarding Shinta, is it just me or does that look in her eyes make her look crazy or high? 😉

  7. very pretty, pretty big eyes…so this is what the indo girls look like under their big dress and head scarves..:)….one thing though..her nipples are a little too dark for my taste…nice and pink please :)…still a very pretty exotic looking asian girl.

  8. Ahem.. please at least give credit where it’s due 😉

    G. Genkan

  9. In the Indonesian Version of the Ramayana, Prabu Janaka, the King of Mantili Kingdom has got a very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. That’s were the name comes from.
    However, discussion in my group of experts indicates Shinta Dewi means a very sexy cat.

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