East West 2006 Calendar

Ursula Mayes on cover of East West 2006 Calendar

I just got a preview from Kim Mizuno‘s soon to be released East West 2006 calendar cover. This year’s cover model is the American/Korean model Ursula Mayes.

I guess more info on the 2006 calendar will become available on mzwomen.com soon.Update:

The highly coveted East West calendar shows why it is the most eagerly anticipated Asian calendar in the world for its unsurpassed quality and meticulous selection of models:

Ursula Mayes
Korean / Native American / German

Sunisa Kim
Cambodian / Thai

Minnie Gupta
East Indian

Debra Ling

Flo Jalin
Taiwanese / Indonesian / Burmese

Michelle Lee

Sasha Singleton
Thai / Irish-Scottish

Chen Yang

Natasha Yi


Lindsey Heppner
Filipina / German

Lena Li
Chinese / Taiwanese


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  1. Thanks Zam, you’re the man!

    But how did you find these images? As far as I know both the East West as Pacific USA Calendars are not in the shops yet!?

  2. Marco,
    Googled it and found them on calendars.com

    // had to edit this comment because of layout problems!?

  3. Just in case anyone is wondering, my picture in EW 2006 is shot very recently. . .maybe three months ago, I think.

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