DVD cover design

IKU dvd cover design

DVD covers are in my opinion small movie posters. And I think there are some very good movie posters around! Unfortunately these sometimes great poster designs don’t translate to the much smaller DVD inlay too well (or they get re-designed completely). This DVD cover of the very strange movie I.K.U. is pherhaps an exception. Very subtle and graphic design.

You want to know about the movie? It’s a Japanese Sci-Fi Porn feature from the year 2000. A very weird movie about replicants selling virtual sex. I watched half of it and most at double speed. Too strange for me. Check out the official ‘flashy’ site with lot’s of info about the film, the cast and it’s female director Shu Lea Cheang.

In Japanese, IKU means going. When arriving at orgasm, the Japanese call out IKU, IKU. IKU is coming in Japanese. IKU is orgasm. (thus says the back cover) Also check out Marco’s post about Japanese sex slang.

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  1. I don’t believe it – THAT’S MASH ON THE COVER! It also has one of my all-time favourite Japanse AV models (Ariga Miho). I’ve got to see this film!

  2. Damn, I think you’re right Lee. That would be a great find Robin. We’ve been looking for more info on Mash for years now!


    She plays a coder replicant of the X Generation who retired in 2029. She teaches Reiko of the XXX Generation how to reset themselves in the way that Dr. Tenma had taught her. She is, so to speak, an elder replicant who leads younger replicants to live freely after they have been scrapped. MASH always rides on a Super Motorbike that is a replica model of a popular scooter in 20th century. It is a mystery whether she retired from GENOM Corporation completely, or is still working as an observer to keep her eyes on Reiko’s activity.

    She is an ubiquitous super strip idol. There is no end to her activities that transcend genres in the club events of techno-pops, movies, or grand-cabarets. She is also famous for her temperamental personality and it has the effect on her strip performance. It is simply lucky to be able to see her performance in this movie.

    Now we only need some more pictures of her 😉

  3. So now it seems like I have got a semi-porn movie with her?! haha. Don’t know if she doing any ‘action’ herself though…

    You guys want it? 😉

  4. Got to see this film myself last night (thanks Robin!), and while I basically have to agree with his assesment of the film, it was worth it just to see Mash in action (even if it only lasted a minute or two). Miho Ariga was icing on the cake.

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