DoAX2 Promo Video

Check out the promo video for the upcoming Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. As you can see, improved breast physics gives the girls some extra bounce in their step.

Something about those bikinis must make the girls extra-friendly; I don’t remember Kasumi and Ayane ever getting along like they do in this vid. Catch a demonstration of breast collision detection as Christie gets on all fours in the new Japanese commercial.

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  1. // comment edited due to lay-out problems. (To CLM: could you preview and edit your long url’s before submitting a comment pls.?)

    This is part of the reason I’m getting PS3 on Friday. I want to see PHOTOREALISTIC characters, getting the crap beat out of them in High Definition.

    link 1

    These graphics really aren’t all that…reminds me of an FMV from Playstation2. I hope this wasn’t the XBOX 360 version cause if it was – it looks terrible.

    link 2

    The characters are just too bright and look like plastic.

  2. It’s amazing how much those girls look like the girls in my that I mean non-existant… :0(

  3. So, to make up for this silly damned vid maybe you can provide something truly erotic next time. Cartoon characters. Sheesh!

  4. Speaking of layout problems,

    I know another site that uses alot of vids from Youtube, and they have noticed that when youtube is slow or doesn’t serve up the static pic that accompanies the site that it wreaks havoc on their site loading.

    What they have done is put all youtube links behind cuts, it decreases the load on the tube and helps when the tube gets slow or goes out. The same tactic might help with page loading problems I’ve been expericing here as of late.

    Being acquired by google they might get better at serving up data but don’t expect it soon.

  5. Well, I dont see anything interesting on the computer animated figures either. Also prefer pics or videos of real girls.

  6. I never understand about the video game industry..they always try to improve the graphics to be as realistic as possible..with all the scanning technology ..why can’t they just use images of real model…or the images of real scenes.. and embedded these images on top of the graphics..instead of using images and converting back it into graphics..(easier said than done )- but I am sure it will happen someday, but it should’ve been done a long time ago…(or am i thinking too fast?)

  7. hotbytes2000: Games are nonlinear. With today’s ever-more-complex games, it is simply impossible to predict and shoot every possible movement a character can make.

    Game character movements are computed in realtime. That requires CGI.

  8. CGI. Cartoon. Like there’s a ton of difference. Let’s get back to the photo world and leave these game images to those who relate more to computer generated characters than real women.

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