DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavygrinder was born in Seattle, Washington and made her way to LA after growing up in Japan. She loves to spin hard house and drum and bass. Visit her site and download some of her sets in MP3 format.

And before you ask, her mom is Japanese and her dad is European.

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder

DJ Heavy Grinder on the web:

DJ Heavy Grinder @ (official site)
DJ Heavy Grinder @
DJ Heavy Grinder @ (interview)
DJ Heavy Grinder @ (interview)
DJ Heavy Grinder @ Google images

On a more personal note: I wish she stayed with her natural hair color…

Thanks to krsfdrkng for the tip!

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0 thoughts on “DJ Heavy Grinder”

  1. oh yea..zam…very nice adds….so she is not such a good girl after all 🙂 she needs a good spanking on that juicy booty :))

  2. Actually, I still prefer this girl with her natural hair colour. There is also one other (part) Asian model who I actually prefer as a blonde (Sasha Singleton).

  3. No doubt she looks better with her darker, more natural hair color. But, she doesn’t look too bad with the reddish hair, either.

    I notice there are few pictures of her with her feet visible. They are either cropped out of the picture, or covered. Now, I’m not a foot freak, or anything…I just noticed that, in the first picture, her feet don’t look so hot crammed into those very high heels.

    On the other end, she has nice eyes, though.

  4. Leave it to a “Law” boy to cover his ass and mention that the girl in question was 18 years old.

    Is that what she told you?


  5. i verified the ID 🙂 joking aside, i dont really like this topic too much bigfoot. lets stop with this discusion 🙁

  6. Umm wow…love her body, it’s just about perfect.

    Not a big fan of what she’s done with those eyebrows. Why do girls like to ruin their eyebrows?

  7. LOL, danz.

    The Bigfoot is an unfortunate remnant of a failed first registration attempt, here at AS.

    And, I think this is the FIRST time, I have mentioned feet. I think. :#)

    I certainly have nothing against feet, however.

  8. Wow… is this nude beauty really DJ Heavygrinder?… I have read before that she’s also a model, but I never imagined that she also makes nude shoots, lol.

  9. No way. I knew about Cameron Hertz. I had no idea this was the same person. I can’t believe it. Are we sure it is the same person? They look a ton alike but DJ Heavy Grinder has a bit of a softer face it seems like.

  10. Yep, it is the same person. I just noticed the mole pattern above the left breast. Holy crap. I know people lead secret lives, but DJ Heavy Grinder, Cornelia Tang…. “Nina” before she became Kaila Yu… What the hell?

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