Diem My 9x


Diem My 9x (full name Vu Pham Diem My) is a pretty Vietnamese model. No, I have no idea why she’s called “9x.” Maybe she’s the 9th sibling or there are 9x Diem My’s in the world and so she got a special honorary last name. I looked around and couldn’t translate anything of value so maybe one of our readers will have an idea. But probably not.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Vietnam










Vietnamese Model
Black and White

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  1. WOW!!!!! She is the most beautiful Vietnamese model I’ve ever seen. She is like WOW. Her face look a little like Vietnamese singer Minh Tuyet on the last pic.

  2. OH and her face look a little like Viet singer Ha Vy too. But this girl is wayyyyyyy prettier and cuter than those 2 viet singers.

  3. I like how she still look pretty with and without a lot of makeup. I think she’s 100% better than Elly Tran Ha.

  4. Since she’s so gorgeous, I think she beats any Chinese, Japanese, or maybe Korean models. She has that unique look. She might have a little French in her. Thanks to the French conquerors given us Viets unique looks hahahaha

  5. Man-oh-man this site is fully
    Rife with wanton hyperbole.

    Better than virtually any other model? This site must have a few hundred postings by now. To even get a sniff from Travis, Doc, C-man or Shuai they’ve got to be a 9 out of 10. We’re then left to debate the fine points.

    I don’t doubt for a minute that Ms. Vu is stunning. I’d stay away, though. Too many sharp objects aimed at my head has soured me on Viet women.

  6. @dbldipper. Wow. really? I didn’t know that. I thought Viet women are suppose to be sweet. I guess some can be mean. Are you talking about the Viet women that hasn’t been in the U.S. that long or Asian Americans or both?

    Well I’ve been here more than several years and I think this is one of the very few models that hit a #10 in my book compared to other Sirens.

  7. I have to agree that the hyperbole is way over the top here – Diem’s certainly hot, but not that hot!

    Vietnamese women are indeed quite sweet casually, but once you get close to them, they certainly have a dark side! They are wonderful women in many ways – they often have brains and beauty – but they are, shall we say, emotionally challenging. 🙂

  8. Well Jessica R set the benchmark for stunning women in clothes. Diem My is in that league too I think.
    Not saying she is prettier. But hey, (sorry Jess) she gets extra points for doing bikini shots.
    The 2nd pic ooooozes class and wonderfully sexy femininity.

  9. What’s the deal with ‘Vietnamese Model’ link above? When I click on the offer of 69 pics of her I get taken to sets of galleries of weird pics.

  10. Quyen – I may have overstated my leeriness of Vietnamese women, but it’s based on personal experience. As Doc said, very sweet and certainly loyal as long as you don’t piss ’em off.

    We all have our standards, so I won’t question your choices. But, if I conservatively say that there have been 150 postings of Sirens here over the 6 years or so of operation, that’s about 800 total. Doc probably has the exact number. If you think she’s in the top 5 that would put her in the top 0.6%. You must really like her.

  11. Wow, cute AND sexy! I saw only a couple of pictures of her in the first gallery that I didn’t care for, the rest she looked great.

    Probably the best Asian Siren ever this week:-)

  12. Oh my!
    This one’s a keeper.

    Funny about the x9 thing meaning she was born in the 90’s. Chinese have a very similar thing of describing people as being ’90后’, literally ‘after 90’. There’s also 80后, 70后 etc.

  13. I wonder why we started calling current Generations ‘X’. So, the next will be Y and then Z…then what?
    OK Doc, I might try the link through a proxy – I recall seeing ‘Facebook’ mentioned and as we know that’s banned here.

  14. IMO: 1) Just another too-skinny model; 2) After watching the video: Might be a problem finding her OFF button? 3) A few here should lay off the Red Bull until AFTER your postings!

  15. Pic 6 slays me. Gorgeous girl. Maybe she could use a hamburger but she doesn’t look “too” thin to me, just very feminine. I think it would be hard to take a bad picture of her, her face is so striking and in nice balance and her body would show off almost any outfit without fault.

  16. From what we can see, very nice. Skin is a little pale – but not much. And could work out and get a little toned.

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