Daphne @ Met-Art.com

Daphne (Photography: Alexa Star)

Daphne @ Met-Art.com. Thanks to Nic2 we can see more pictures of the Met-Art photoshoot!
Daphne (Photography: Alexa Star)

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  1. Face looks pretty much the same as picture topleft… But her boobs seem to have schrinked, compared to picture belowleft

  2. Hmm… she is bending over on one pic, and on the other pushing her boobs forward. But then again doing that also on the big picture.
    (Could it be a push-up bra? ;-))

    She also looks much younger on the 4 small pictures…

    I also have some doubts… :-\
    Marco, what do you think? You are still the expert!

  3. I did not really look at the pose though… I thought the eyes, nose and chin were the same, and that she just looked younger and had a different tan on the small pictures. But now I don’t know anymore! 🙁

  4. Wow, great job Nik2!

    I really think the cover photo is the best photo of the series. No wonder they chose it!

    And I no longer think it’s the same girl either. Too many differences.

  5. On one hand, I think her rings and things are freaky and erotic, and on the other hand, I wish she didn’t mess with her beautiful face. But if a woman wants to do something, she’ll do it. I do like that tattoo on her chest though.

  6. i wonder how those who adorn themselves with stupid & excessive tattoos now, will feel in 20-30 years? a “tramp stamp” ( a lower back) tat is one thing, full body cover is something different.

  7. I usually don’t have much of a problem witth a small tat here or there and the occasional piercing. But this is a whole different extreme. And the chest tattoo is WAAAAY too much. But it is her body and it’s her way of expressing herself so if she’s comfortable with it, more power to her. It’s just too bad when such a natural beauty does that to herself.

  8. There are more photos of Daphne on the website of Alexa Star, the photographer who took the Met-Art photos:


    Including some of Daphne and Alexa together including:


    In Daphne’s profile on One Model she states that she has tattoos on her chest and on her right shoulder. From the Alexa Star photos it would appear that the tattoos are not as extreme as on the Miss Calamity Slayed website. The rings and pins in her face have disappeared.

    In the Met-Art photos the tattoos have been edited out.

    In the Met-Art photos she looks as nature intended.

    A Singaporean posing in the nude. Is this a first?

  9. I wish that all of these women who get really large breasts implants, trampstamps, crazy peircings, etc. would consider how they will look when they hit 40. It may look good now, but wait until stuff starts sagging, the weight adds up, and a few kids are popped out. Eww.

  10. The Met-Art stuff had to have been shot way before all the mutilation and giant sword tattoos. I think you can edit some stuff out but it would be pretty hard to do all in every picture. Felicia Tang is Singaporean too by the way tommy, and boy does she ever pose nude….Thank God..

  11. I do think breast implants are a very different story from tats, piercings etc. Indeed, a lot of older women get them to combat the sagging of their natural breasts!

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