Danny Wen Dan Ni


Wen Dan Ni (Danny) is one of those leg models on Moko. She’s 5’7, as leg models are, and she has legs that are fine. Here is her Moko page. The photos are not much more interesting.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China








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0 thoughts on “Danny Wen Dan Ni”

  1. She has a nice natural pouty look but, I’d like to see her smile more. I find friendliness is appealing. She seems a bit bony to me…Still a pretty gal.

  2. Too soon after Jess unfortunately, I guess. Wen Da Ni is nice enough looking but IMO a bit ordinary – dare I say ‘so-so’ without being taken to task?

  3. While I find Jess to be beautiful in a modeling sort of way, I’d rather roll with this girl any day to be honest. She looks a little dirty and while her face isn’t classicaly beautiful it’s much more interesting to me.

  4. Wen Dan Ni is quite lovely but hardly what I would call a ‘leg model.’ Long creamy white gams but no muscle tone to speak of. Guess I am just spoiled on the asian fitness models.

  5. Here’s a lovely girl from Moko
    Longtack says she’s “so-so”.
    On this I’m inclined to agree
    And not because of Jess-ie.

    Travis says it best – pix, but nothing stands out from the usual Moko model – tall, slim, thin face with an ambivalent if not standoffish look about her – not repulsive but not really remarkable.

  6. I’m on the other side of Slack. I’d far rather have a relationship with the likes of Jess – committed women should know how to give themselves to their man – than have a romp with Danni only to find she’s gone off with Kroos because of his muscles and Aussie accent.

  7. WHEW!! Thanks Travis for giving a few of US an ESCAPE from the previous OVER-FAWNING of the beautiful (but NOT sensational) offering from the sensational CANDYMAN. What happened to the “NUDE PLEASE” crowd?? You guys folded in two nano-seconds!!

    Jess…Best wishes in your fashion career! YOU ARE a lovely example of the MIRACLES that happen when two diverse ethnicities combine in LOVE!

  8. I’m quite certain if I saw this woman in person I would say Damn! As far as her legs go, I think they’re pretty sexy…just a tad skinny. Nothing a few squat thrusts couldn’t fix.

  9. APOLOGIES DANNY: Your photos simply do not display you properly…are not complementary (and I don’t understand why Travis, our Hero, would bring them online??)

  10. I have to agree with the general consensus here: she’s certainly attractive – and I don’t think any of our male readers would say no – but she just isn’t outstanding by the standards of current Chinese models.

  11. Nice pouty lips, very alluring. She needs to eat a few hamburgers though, about 8 pounds on that frame would be nicely curvy.

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