Cyndi Tran @

Cyndi Tran @

I found Vietnamese model Cyndi Tran at Check out her gallery there. And of course no model can do without a MySpaceSome facts:

Name: Cyndi Tran
Ethnicity: Vietnamese mainly
Age:18 Home
City/State:Annandale, VA
Measurements: 34B/26/35
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black

Cyndi on the web:

Cyndi Tran @
Cyndi Tran @
Cyndi Tran @

Cyndi Tran @

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  1. Her measurements are almost exactly those of my wife (she is more hippy) but her breasts appear fuller. Her body seems nicely proportioned and with a pretty face. A nice package…and she could have been almost full grown at age 12. I’m wondering how she wound up in VA? Seems like she should be in the San Gabriel Valley out here in CA.

  2. I doubt she’s 110lbs, but I could care less about weight. I’ve been a fan of Cyndi’s since ’05. I wish she was coming to HIN this Saturday.

  3. can I just say that I am professional at sight reading? she’s got B, that’s right. And she’s at least 126

  4. onegameref: There is a huge population of Vietnamese in Arlington county Virginia. One of the largest in the country. All the vietnamese goodness without the socal BS.

  5. She can wrap those legs of hers around my neck and have her way with me. I think she’s swell!

  6. redlaw, i’m in that neck of the woods…we also have a nice Koreatown and big filipino population. it’s all good. 😉

  7. A little meat is always good. Did anyone see that backshot on Super Street? In case you missed it, here it goes. Luscious. 😉

  8. I dont understand it as a fetish but I know that a pair of ugly feet is enough to turn me off to an otherwise hot girl. Same is true for badly plucked and penciled eyebrows, rediculous implants or a shitty attitude. Beautiful toes wont cut it alone.

    I have the same fetish as most of you mofos. Thats why im here.

  9. I agree on you there, a woman is usually a whole. Some minor features can turn me off a lot but feet is not something i look at usually. Fingers, hair, more that stuff.

  10. I’m still trying to find those fat legs mentioned above. Maybe I’m not seeing them or something, or I’m just drunk. Nah, that’s not it at all. She’s hot.

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