Crystal Liu

Crystal Liu

Just got an email from John from Sinosplice who was bored this weekend and stumbled across Baidu’s ranking of Chinese female pop stars.

I’d like to bring one of these stars to your attention. She’s only 20, and she does absolutely nothing even remotely resembling adult modeling, but she’s definitely a cuty. I’m talking about the young singer and actress Crystal Liu (aka Liu Yi Fei).

Crystal Liu

Crystal Liu

Read more about Crystal:

Mainland Hotties article

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  1. shez born in 1987 so shez actually 18 this year ^^ signed up with sony japan, and is going to release her international album in july/august.

  2. need to clarify, there’s newspaper saying that she’s lied about her age, and because she’s finished in college already. And newspaper also saying he and her mom have a sugar daddy supporting them in US. She said it was just a good friend who was helping them. I mean come on, you little freak. And there’s was this one TV show that I personally saw this Hong Kong dude interviewed her, when they asked her what’s her love life. She said her love life is clean and simple, she never had any, and whenever she has time, she just reads. I mean what fake.

  3. i have too say, she’s damn cute, but she really thinks she’s all that, i’ve seen many of her interviews and programs. She acts like she’s the last pussy on this planet. And now, I will avoid anything that has she in it. I was a fan of hers, but after seeing how she sees guys, it’s just disgusting. She thinks all men should be her slaves. I think calling her a bitch isn’t that harsh.

  4. just described 98% of the models in Cali…no offense to the nicer ones…:)
    doesnt she knows the old saying…”show me a good looking girl and i willl show you a guy that is tired of f***ing her”…i said this before. does this hold true for most men?

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