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Oh, Japanese porn, the gift that keeps on giving. The pace at which Japanese porn stars are born and fade is amazing, I could introduce one girl every week and I would still have enough girls for the rest of my life. So, with that caveat, I will try to introduce a selection of the cream of the crop and the indies. First up is one of the reigning queens: Cocomi Sakura.In case you didnft know, both “Sakura” and “Cocomi” are common Japanese first names, but this little piece of Japanese trivia is probably overshadowed by the best asset on this girl: her profile.
Sakura Cocomi has the best Kubire in the business.

gWhat is gKubireh?h you will. Well Kubire is basically the hip-to-waist ratio, the hourglass figure, the curves. Cocomi Sakura has wide hips with the littlest waist, topped by a pair of natural breasts.


She first debuted big in 2009 with S1, the biggest and most important studio in the Japanese porn business (those in the know will be aware that Yuma Asama and Akiho Yoshizawa have contracts with them). She moved to another studio, Idea Pocket, this year, and she is still smoking hot.
Her body of work is a thing to behold and simply too varied to post here, if anyone wants some recommendations feel free to pm me. As a preview, Sakura in a kimono looks and kisses like this:

And her full body is a thing of beauty:


Some other profiles in English sites will tell you that she is part of Ebisu Muscats and Meme, girl bands that serve as cover (tax break?) to feature pornstars in mainstream media, but everyone in Japan now what these girls are about.
Without further ado, her stats and pics:

Height and Weight : 155cm / 40kilos
Sizes: 86-55-93
Bra size: G

I just realized this, but wow, this girl is small, she must look tall because of her stats. 93 centimeter hips to 55 centimeter waist!!








Gallery in Highschool uniform

But rather, to get an idea of her range, you need to see
her collection of DVDs at S1. You NEED to check out the covers!! Some awesome stuff there.

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0 thoughts on “Cocomi Sakura”

  1. Very nice tits.

    I am trying to break my Viet addiction, but this hip/waist ratio is too much for me. I need to call my sponsor…..

  2. I agree her lower body is a little too stocky, but her upper body is like something out of a dream – that waist is just absolutely breathtaking.

  3. I disagree. I think her face is beautiful. A woman is a wonderful thing and this is a beautiful woman. One wants to break into an Enka…. “Sakuraaaa….. Sakuraaaa”

  4. Love at first sight.Then she went and oiled up in pic #9.Just go ahead & fill out the restraining order on me!

  5. Them ‘bowlegs’ (still pic #3) ain’t from rid’n horses! eh,eh :-p
    That waist has to be a corset-job!

  6. @Nighthawk

    There is nothing uncommon about those “bowlegs.” That is just how Japanese girls stand around here. Some Japanese guys actually find that hot.
    The corset theory is interesting, though.

  7. Are you a mind reader Xavier? Last weekend, I found couple of Graphis zips for my Cocomi folder & was about to recommend her to Doc as a future siren.

    Absolutely amazing body. Her face does appear a bit masculine in some pics, but rest of her makes up for for it. She’s crossing into Western nude art with photo sets for Hegre.

  8. That hip to waist looks surreal!
    Very sexy but could be just a little less stocky. Anyway, what am I saying, Cocomi is incredibly hot and I’m discussing details. 🙂

    Someone gives the Doc some water! Major appreciation from the Doc is rare. 🙂

  9. I never thought you could beat Jun Kusagani’s waist, but here it is! I like Jun’s body overall better though. I was just checking some photos of Jun for reference and she is getting fiercely milfy now!

  10. Nice woman. And very nice body.

    Trivia fact is nice, but there is no ‘C’ in the japanese alphabet. ~_~

  11. I was checking out Jun’s old photos as well, since she was one of the site founder’s first posts (after Sung Hi ).

    Jun had a bit of a “strung-out-drug-addict” look going on sometimes… Didnt notice that before…

    FYI, would “Kubire” translate to “Hip Girl” or “Buxom Girl” in English?

  12. I don’t think Cocomi’s waist actually is smaller than Jun’s, but it looks that way due to the contrast with her stockier lower body. Jun certainly has the better body overall, but I never thought I’d see another waist as spectacular as hers – indeed, even more spectacular in contrast to her hips.

    “Kubire” doesn’t have a direct English translation – I believe it refers to the curve of the waist into the hips.

  13. Yeah, Dr. Lee, I was trying to search on Japanese site that had translate to English. I was using the Japanese characters at first, but once it switched to English, “Hip” and “Buxom” came up as the translation, but two separate tags… I was trying to guess witch one meant the bust/waist/hip ratio…

  14. Sorry XM, no offense intended podner! The stance IS kinda cute. Has the look of surprise when a woman steps out of the shower to find her boyfriend’s family in her bedroom! Anyway…REAL cowboy bow-legs are much more pronounced: Looks like you could drive a Fiat 500 between them!
    Personally, I prefer the more recent and mature photos of her…very sexy!!

  15. Oh yeah…Junie K IS look’n “more mature”, but her movies are still “pretty taastee” IMO =:-P

  16. I really love the first photo above…looks like her boyfriend took the photo when they were playing doctor or naked wrestling or something. Very passionate moment

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