CJ Miles – Official Site Launch

CJ Miles

Filipina model CJ Miles, who splits her time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, has recently launched her official website ILoveCJMiles.com. CJ, age 22 and just 147 cm (4’10”), is a fun, friendly girl who likes to interact with her fans via weekly chats and emails. Hmmm….what do they say about good things coming in small packages! Check out CJ on her MySpace page too. For some naked samples of CJ, click
CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles

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CJ Miles @ Her Official Website
CJ Miles @ MySpace

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0 thoughts on “CJ Miles – Official Site Launch”

  1. With Robin gone on vacation, I thought I’d better post up another girl before readers thought Asian-Sirens was turning into a bondage site! hehehe 🙂

  2. Not my type…but cute.I see her around Vegas .Itty bitty thang. Again…I’d NEVER join any chix website…no matter how hot…But from a practical standpoint-I can see where an attractive woman might throw one up as one more way to “network” her way to where she wants to be.Asian chix are the best at it.

  3. BTW…The time when she could count on her genetics to keep her thin is DRAWING TO A CLOSE.CAREER ADVICE: mix in some squats and calf raises.A few crunches too.

  4. yeah esp. at $24.95/month! i can’t see her getting a little heavy, but i can see that the pics on her site are strategically shot so she looks very thin.

  5. She has a lot of curves packed into a pretty small package. Some are natural, some aren’t, but the overall effect is quite pleasing (except for the excessive eye makeup). She will have to watch her caloric intake and start exercising…as should we all.

  6. gotta agree with the make up and oddly overplucked eyebrows…it all makes her look a little too plastic or more like alien.

  7. You know NorthMan good idea 🙂 I keep refreshing and hard refreshing the site thinking something was wrong 😉 I like the last pic very well something about her I live things I don’t but overall nice composure. I don’t think I like this model much and the uumm… I don’t know a nice way to say fat, around her butt and thighs are fine with me, its the breats enhancement. It just doesn’t sit well with me (this one, not in general but don’t get me started) and the nipple placement is a bit too high. Doesn’t help that I just spent a week reading about breats… academically.

  8. Okay guys, as we have yet another example of what many would consider to be an overly ‘thick’ and ‘plasticy’ looking import model launching what most would consider to be an overpriced web site, I’ve brought my old Import Model Fatigue post back to the top. If you want to vent about these issues, that’s the place to do it.

  9. Oh and thanks for the post NorthMan! Even though I’m not a fan of CJ, I think it is a good thing not to leave a bondage post at the top for too long. 😉

  10. I must be different from many of ya, but her waist and overall body look damn fine to me. CJ is hot and sexy, and I don’t see any fat, and no, I don’t think I need glasses. 🙂

    Actually I love the shape of her breast, enlarging and then those perfect (ok, not real) cups on top. Pleasant for the eyes, lol.

    I actually think her site has a great feature: a weekly chat. If she has a great personality and is a good teaser, then it may be really worth it.

    Interesting to read that she came from Philippines only in 2005. Brave girl, she has the looks, alright.

  11. To a point, I agree with dazn. CJ’s build is too stocky for my taste, but I don’t think she is too fat – it’s mostly msucle and bone. And I think her boob job looks fine too. I really don’t like the eyebrows, but this should be easy to fix (unless they’re tattooed).

  12. CJ is plasticy with the fake tits and heavy makeup, but she is not overly thick. She just has a little chub to her. I still like her because she’s sexy, but I can’t love her for $24.95 a month. I rather take that money and join a site that offers content from an array of different models. I need variety.

  13. She is too ‘thick’ for my taste, but once again I think that is mostly beacuse of her build, not because she is too fat. She could of course make herself look slimmer if she really made herself very lean, but as she’s built this way anyway, there’s only so much she can do while staying healthy.

  14. I just really like that butt in the first pic, its ust like two nice round spears that fall off into the distance.

  15. I dig CJ…and I think she’s better in the video format. She marketed herself quite nicely on youtube before the launch of her site. This little chick knows how to move what the good lord gave her. And I’ve seen more samples of her and she looks quite a bit thinner in the newer sets.

  16. Yeah, I have noticed that. In her older shots, she could be accused of being a little chubby, but not really in the newer ones. But even now she’s still too stocky for my taste – it’s just the way she’s built.

  17. Where have you seen her in Vegas, Stripes? If anyone’s interested, you’re likely to find her there dancing at the Spearmint Rhino. She enjoyed the girl-girl dances last weekend, or at least faked it well, which is good enough for me.

    She handed me a card for her site. Wow, $24.95 a month for her site. If I see her again at SR, I’ll tell her that’s way too much for me to think about it. I’ve also seen Lauren Mai dance there, if anyone’s interested.

  18. cj is a very nice and very funny young lady.as for her boobs i think there very sexy.and for her bulid at 4’11” i think she looks very nice not stocky not to thin. now as for the eyebrows as some of you are talking about is plain to see none of you been to the southeast asia where a common place that there eyebrows are keeped this way. and i see where is hard to exsept this. but let me tell you guys this it wasn’t till i was there and seen there way.to undetstand differnt countrys ways and i love the brows this way is fare better then seeing a lady with big bushy brows witch i find gross. my wife is a filipna and i love the way her brows look. miss cj i wish u the best hon takecare girl love yah much

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