Chinese Coca Cola commercial

Three days have past without a post from me or any other blogteam member. So I wonder how many of you said us farewell and moved on to other Asian babe blogs… But good news: today I bring you this funny Chinese commercial for Coca Cola!

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  1. Yes, I am sure Mike would have posted it if he found it! 😉

    Naked girls will be coming soon jd! But it seems Christine and I are the only ones manning the posting-stations right now…

    I also had to let some bloggers go, since they were not posting regularly anymore.

    Thank god (and the Doc!) we have a strong community which keeps this site alive! 😉

    But wouldn’t it be great if Marco (thanirz) would start posting again?! 😐

  2. It’s World of Warcraft (Chinese version). The logo is WoW’s (albeit in Chinese) and the link at the end is

    Now if only we could create characters that looked like these girls! (The Humans don’t have any Asian faces and no other race would be close to their look. The outfits they wear aren’t in the game, either.)

  3. eeeeep i’m reading the body text and the comments and… sorry i haven’t been around to catch that no one was posting! i’m taking finals right now. i’m going to be back in full postin’ force hopefully by the 20th. if i can i’ll squeeze one in because i do have some extra time between two of my finals, but as for the ressst i’m just gonna be hardcore studying lol. so sorry! wish me luck on my exams!

    aren’t you guys glad you don’t have to deal with final exams anymore? eh? ha. ok peace out for a few days

  4. Exams… i’m very glad I don’t deal with those anymore. But, well, it’s a part of learning.

    We’ll be worshipping the pretty ladies from other bloggers, in the meantime. Good luck, christine!

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