Candy Girl Showroom and Factory Tour

And now, boys and girls, a little field trip to show you what little girls are made of: a tour of the Candy Girl showroom and factory.

(Via Danny Choo.)

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  1. Fascinating. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks “Miku” pushes the limits of acceptability.

    I mean, unless it’s OK to bang 12-year-olds in Japan. (On the other hand, maybe prepubescent love dolls would prevent some actual crimes.)

  2. Interesting. I guess all those dolls can actually prevent some crimes or misbehaviours. But I hope it’s just a over-18 doll with a young face.

  3. I just wonder what the cleaning instructions are? If you are going to be actually having sex with one of these things, all kinds of organisms must start breeding inside these things and you have to use bleach or ammonia to kill the germs. How do you know if the doll you order has’nt been used by a bored worker who just happens to have some std and he does’nt clean it that well. Or have some friend come over to your house and leave his std’s behind and all the other combinations of possibilities…

  4. No thats a comment from a careful consumer. I have realized recently that a lot of things we consume and buy are probably contaminated by all kinds of crap. There was some article I read somewhere how some trucking company in Iraq was transporting corpses in the same trucks as they were transporting food. I have always realized that this kind of stuff happens probably everywhere. Do you know where your food has been?

  5. Um yes I do. I buy my organic food at farmers’ markets from vendors whom I personally know, and some I’ve actually visited their farms.

    I guess one could take germophobia & paranoia to high levels in every conceiveable aspect of daily living were one disposed to do so, but might that take away from one’s quality of life?

  6. It has been quite interesting to see the comments of this video. A friend of mine translated the video, and I merely put the subtitles over the original video. The reactions we have gathered from the viewers have been from complete acceptance, through to curiosity and then to outright misogyny. While we neither condone nor discourage any negative input, the reactions have been quite surprising. Given the nature of the internet, the wide scope of viewing ages, religious and moral beliefs, I believe we have made quite a point and brought something to the public eye that many may not have known about before. As Mr Nakamura says – there are a wide variety of reasons why someone would purchase one of these products. Why should someone be judged upon the basis of a purchase of a candy girl, and not on say – a par of Speedos, a ball and gag, a Penthouse magazine or even hell – a Pokemon figure – different strokes for different folks, ya’ll.

    It’s a big world out there – and you share it with billions of other people – not all of which will share the same ideals and ideas that you do – So I say to all the haters/naysayers- The people who believe that THEY are right – Why is your world perfect? Think about other people for once. As I said before – different strokes- different folks.

  7. Right on crushmonkey – live and let live! I strongly believe in people’s right to do whatever they want, as long as they aren’t impinging on others (ironically, a lot of the things society readily accepts really do impinge on other people against their will).

  8. Man…a couple of them dolls in that candy girls showroom and factory tour video look pretty damn good. Especially the LAPD chick with the pink bikini bottom. I wouldn’t mind having one for when the wifey ain’t around. Is that weird?

  9. Haha – well, I live in Japan, and honestly, they are just as weird as most of the people I’ve met in Australia and Canada (Australian checking in)

  10. G’day from a fellow Aussie! As someone who works with a half Japanese model, even she will tell you the Japanese are pretty strange! On the other hand, I think a lot of their ideas about sex and relationships are very practical and pragmatic.

  11. I agree. They certainly are strange. There’s none of the western religious guilt and shame about sex. It’s seen as a normal, healthy, and positive aspect of daily life.
    Leave the judging to westerners. Some of the comments here are self-evident.

  12. Yeah, almost everything they think about sex and relationships is totally logical and practical, yet they censor genitalia in porn videos and magazines! Go figure… 😉

  13. I remember watching Howard Stern a few years back when one of the guys was in the bathroom doing a “Love Doll”. Howard asked him to give them a… blow by blow… haha! It had the whole vibrating orifice deal going on. Funny but not too interesting.

    I guess that it solves the problem of couples making too much noise in the thin walled apartments they have there! Sad for the women though… If Japanese men can get something close to human to sleep with without having all the drama and such, where would that lead Japan? I have heard that their birthrates have not, in recent years, been high enough to replenish their numbers. Something like every woman has 1.5 children instead of the 2.(something) they need. In the same article I read that like 80% of married couples havent’t had sex in the last month. Mostly due to the lack of communication between spouses. They even went so far as to say that if a couple could go without for a whole month, chances are sex will not be enjoyed for a long, long time. Sad. I would move to Japan and be a bum so I wouldn’t be too overworked and tired to boink every woman in need of a baby or two… haha! Ah, sigh… (dreaming)…

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