Candace Kita

Candace Kita @ Women of Perfection

I just had the opportunity to check out some of the photosets at Women of Perfection (thanks again Moses) and found Candace Kita, born in Los Angeles, but lived in Belgium and England before her family settled in Texas.

Keep an eye on her!

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  1. how do I get to see some pics of her in womenofperfection?? I dont have the password, anybody care to share the pics??

  2. I had to remove the Candace Kita photos from the Files section of my Asian Diva’s companion group since I got an e-mail threatening legal action. It actually wasn’t from Playboy but from someone claiming to represent Candace Kita. I find it amusing that the models who pose for Playboy use the exactly the same language about the photos being property of Playboy and are more interested in enforcing this than representatives of Playboy.

  3. Tastefully photographed, clean-shaven pussy (just the way I like it), nice boob job, and cute. Although she’s a little ‘thicker’ than I normally like to see in a model, because she has that cute, soft Asian girl look, it suits her. Not bad!

  4. this is a good boob job? she has total monoboob in some of the photos that zamscan linked to, like her boobs are hinged together!

    however she does have nice facial features and she looks really fit!

  5. I spit my drink out just now, when I read christine’s comment about her boobs being hinged together. It does look kinda funny. Not that I would care though.

  6. Yep, she does have incipient mono-boob, but it’s not there yet. I think they look good now, but that may not necessarily be the case a few years down the track – once they fuse together, they do look odd!

  7. I like her boobs. She does have a little moob going in some shots, but it’s not as bad as other models who look like they have actually have one titty. Since she’s so cute, I can look passed this. Plus there are plenty of models whose boob jobs look much worse.

  8. I noticed her after watching the 2005 remake of “The Bad News Bears,” as one of the Bo-Peep girls. She’s credited as “China” but has no lines in the film. Her character is one of the strippers from the gentlemen’s club that sponsors the team, who cheers for the Bears in the stands.
    Actually, I’m a little disappointed because after finding out her name, I thought she’s be some fairly obscure actress who would make a good feature here, but I find out, not only has she already been featured here (3 1/2 years ago!) but she’s got a pretty sizeable resume, as well:

  9. She was tonight’s episode of House, M.D.; as an Asian hooker (what else?). Still looks great in a bikini.

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