BoA Lookalike Sex Tape Stuns Asia

BoA Lookalike Sex Tape Stuns Asia

A website in Japan has stunned fans of the K-pop superstar BoA by offering an adult video purporting to feature the singer. The online adult video store is offering the flick titled BoA Course and tempting customers with a model who bears a striking resemblance to the singer.Fans have been shocked by the news that a site in Japan is offering up for sale an adult video using the name of superstar singer, BoA.

Under the heading, “Superstar artist BoA?” the video is packaged just as if the singer herself appeared in the porn flick. On the lower screen, a collection of scenes are shown to titillate viewers’ curiosity. BoA’s management at SM Entertainment say they know of many Japanese stars who have experienced such things, and promised action after investigating further.

BoA, whose album “Best of Soul” was No. 1 in Japan this year selling more than 1 million copies, has been chosen to appear on broadcaster NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen annual music show for the forth straight year. Her new single “Do the motion” topped Japan’s weekly Oricon Chart, the first time a foreigner has held that position in 21 years. The star, meanwhile, is busy appearing at all sorts of year-end music award ceremonies.


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  1. i think it is a shame that the hard core porn industry has to continue to stoop this low to draw degenerates shared by all. and then to top it off….they continue to slander and distroy stars like this and get away with it.

  2. I wouldn’t want to see an AV of a BoA lookalike, or even BoA for that matter…I mean she’s cute but she has a pencil-like figure! 😛

  3. It should be mentioned that the title is not course (コース), but cos (コス) as in Cosplay (So the film is not about BoA, but somebody dressed like BoA)

    With the name of the acting model (Arika Takarano) both on the front cover and the spine, I don’t think that the “the video is packaged just as if the singer herself appeared in the porn flick” .

    That doesn’t mean, of course, that her management shouldn’t do something about the DVD.

  4. The trick is that it’s a Japanese text containing Romajis ;).

    I just changed the language at the language bar, typed them in in Japanese, and since they were working in the preview, I pressed Submit.

  5. Both Japanese and English are installed on my PC (it is under regional settings or keyboard properties/language), so I can switch between the two of them, but it is easier to stay in Japanese and switching to romaji.

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