Back to Nature – a natural beauty


Seeing a natural beauty, like this model, showing her assets outdoors makes my day… every time. If anyone is interested to see the complete set in high-res, I will upload them somewhere for you to enjoy.

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  1. Kanyer, at Asian Sirens we always give the name of the model (where known) and we always credit our sources. Hence, blanking out the watermark of the source site is not on here. Please post them without the watermark edited out, and tell us who she is!

  2. these photos are great. the girl is beautiful, but moreover i think that the photographer did a great job capturing her.

    unfortunately i think that some of her poses, like in photo 2 and photo 3, look physically awkward. in photo 2, this girl is sticking her behind out as far back as she possibly can without making it too obvious (to look more curvy). and in photo 3, i can’t imagine anyone actually getting into that position without some sort of neck, back, and hamstring pain (from crouching).

    perhaps having her roll around in the tall grass or do something more natural would’ve been better, but otherwise the girl – so nubile and natural and seemingly carefree – and the picturesque backdrop make for such a pristine and refreshing photoset!

    p.s. nubile sure is a funny-sounding word, isn’t it?

  3. Dr Lee, no altering whatsoever done by me… (been struggling to even keep up with u guys here let alone having time to getting negatively creative with my posts). FYI I got them in my inbox exactly as they were posted above. After almost a year of contributing “willingly” to this site, I think I got it what Asian Sirens is all about, hopefully.

  4. looked for stacy kamano in the search, no returns. oldie but goodie – she’s the hapa baywatch hawaii girl! or yukie nakama? just throwin’ out names in case anyone is desperate for a new post.

    yukie photos

  5. or here is my friend cindy, who is trying to make it as a photographer. she has done some self-portraits (only one with her face in it), but you should check out her site (and her). and if she looks tall in the photos, it’s ’cause she is! she’s 5’10 and korean (her parents were tall).

    her website

  6. Stripes, your comment above was in very bad taste – please don’t make me have to warn you about this kind of thing again, as it will be the last time.

    And Christine, while we appreciate the links, please send any suggestions for posts to the “Contact Asian Sirens” link on the left, so we can keep the threads on topic. (Or you can just email us directly – you know where to find us! :-))

  7. Also I don’t seem to mind the physical awkwardness in her poses. Would have never noticed if they hadn’t been so scientifically pointed out. When she’s hot, she’s hot. I’m happy.

  8. i used not to believe in water nymphs before…i guess now, well, i’m a believer and a hoper…


  9. I just wish she was rolling around in some tall grass or doing something more natural. Like brushing her teeth or something. Oh well, just gonna have to make do, I guess.

  10. Kanyer, now that the source pics have been identified, could you please update your post with the watermarked pics, and link to the source gallery. Also, please add a link to our previous article on this model.

  11. a question about your rules mr lee but would it be okay to masterbate to some of your pictures on this site?

  12. strange comment whatturns…we are here for the essense of asian beauty, it would be sinful to self indulge to such beauties :))

  13. Okay, as kanyer still hasn’t updated his post, I have replaced the title pic with a credited one, and removed the rest. If kanyer wants to put the others back with credits he is welcome to do so. In the mean time, everyone can click on the links in this post to see more of Tiang Fang.

    For the record, AS is not just a forum for posting pix: we always credit our sources whenever possible, and provide as much background info as we can (e.g. model, photographer, source site).

  14. I’ve only recently stumbled on Tiang Fang and needless to say she’s my new number one favorite of all time! I’m trying to ascertain how many shoots she’s done with Met-Art (or anywhere else for that matter). I know of Sik and Hellin, but I came across a pic of what appeared to be a title page of another Met-Art shoot of hers named simply “Tian Fang” (without the G). Maybe her original?? Anyone know?

  15. Come on guys, Tiang is definitely nice, but she certainly isn’t that great. There are many, many Chinese girls who look like this (or better).

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