Ayame Misaki


Ayame Misaki started as a gravure idol before becoming an actress. So the likelihood you are going to see any more revealing photos than these is slim. I don’t know what area of Japan she is from, but she definitely does not look like she is from Tokyo.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan











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  1. yeah Ayame does look good in the bikinis, esp the red one. But I am finding myself staring at the one of her on her back on the bench seat. It might be the nice inside thigh she’s showing, as well as that look on her face, but it might also be the boots! As I have said before I do love a girl in high boots…and yep there’s a bit of a heel. mmmmmm even better.

  2. She really fills out a bikini!!

    Says here she was born in Tokyo! Guess you were wrong Travis, unless of course she’s just saying that:

    Ayame Misaki – 水崎綾女 in Japanese (also known as Iris Chan and Aya Mizusake) was born on the 26th April 1989 (1989-04-26) in HyogoKobe, Tokyo and is a female entertainer and actress. She debuted in gravure magazines and various variety shows and TV dramas. To date she has appeared in nine DVD’s and three photo books. She has won several awards because she is so cute and adorable haha!

    Some more info:



    And yes, I would marry her:-)

    ….Except for that whole already being married thing:-(

  3. Sorry, I should have looked HyogoKobe up. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be Kobe, Hyogo prefecture. I haven’t been to Tokyo in a long time, but I know Kobe isn’t a suburb of it.

    @Luke72: Thanks for the additional photos.

  4. Wingsfan, dont worry, one of us can still marry her and make her happy. 😛

    She’s amazing, love the lips, the hips, the tits. And this is no poem… lol

  5. Very nice, does indeed fill out the bikini very very well. No skinny ladies for me!

    By the way, I was a little disappointed when it said she was going to become an actress. I thought it meant, ‘adult’ actress.

    Darn 🙂

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