Aya Ueto videoclip

Aya Ueto

Popular Japanese idol Aya Ueto has released her Jpop album, “License”. She started off as a photobook idol, then moved on to bigger things with a role on a TV show. Now she’s back to her singing roots. Check out the video for “Yume no Chikara”, which is one of the more popular songs on her new album. Not really my kind of music, but the video looks cool πŸ˜‰ Found on Kineda.com

Needless to say Scanlover.com has an extensive gallery of Aya.

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  1. On Idols Unlimited you seem to be able to download a movie with Aya in the lead role.

    Azumi 2: Death or Love’ is the tale of Azumi, a young woman trained from childhood to be the ultimate assassin. Azumi 2, which picks up shortly after the events of the first Azumi, is set around the beginning of the Tokugawa period of Japan (1603 – 1867). In Azumi 2, the sword-wielding Azumi struggles to put to rest the threat of Tokugawa rival Masayuki Sanada in order to maintain national unity and to keep Japan on its destined course.

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