Asian Women and Tattoos


While I’d like to keep Yuko on the top of the page for longer, I had a topic I thought would be interesting to discuss and I decided to make a post on it while it is fresh on my mind. Much is often said in the comments about tattoos on Asian women. Some are for them, others are indifferent, and others are vehemently against them. So to promote further discussion, here are several questions for you to answer about tattoo designs on Asian women.1) Are you for, against, or indifferent towards tattoos?
2a) If you are against tattoos, are there certain tattoo designs and/or places on the body that are okay. If so, which ones?
2b) If you are for tattoos, are there certain tattoo designs and/or places on the body that tattoos are not okay. If so, which ones?
3) Do you think differently about the personality of a model that has a tattoo?
4) Do you think this different thinking (about the model’s personality) is the reason that you feel the way you do about tattoos?
4a) What do you think is the basis for your feelings about tattoos (where/when did it originate?)
5) Are you in favor of breast implants?
6) Do you feel it is hypocritical to be in favor of breast implants but against tattoos?
7) Are you okay with tattoos on non-Asian models? (if answer is different than #1, why?)
8) Who is your favorite tattooed model?
9) What is your least favorite tattoo design on any model?



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0 thoughts on “Asian Women and Tattoos”

  1. I perfer my artwork be on paper.

    What’s the point of looking at women who are showing off lovely skin, just to see a damned tatoo all over it?

    I’ve never, ever been a tatoo lover…I never wanted one (although I kinda did want to get one on my Bicep of a barcode that said “property of the USMC”)

    The 2nd picture up top looks terrible cause she’s a butterface.

    The 3rd picture right above has a great pussyshot, but that tatoo changes nothing. She’s hot and she knows it. Doesn’t need a tatoo to show it.

  2. I’m against tattoos, period, but especially on women, as they are very un-feminine. I believe the female body is the greatest work of art of all, and tattoos only detract (and distract) from it. I agree that the appropriate place for this sort of art is on a sheet of paper.

  3. On one hand I agree that women’s bodies are the most beautiful work of art of all, so part of me loves them completely unadulterated. But as an artist and musician, I also like people who live more on the edge so I appreciate tattoos and their significance. I also think people should have the choice to do what they like to themselves without concern for what others think. I prefer tats that aren’t overwhelming and find small tattoos very sexy. My least favorite tattoo that I can think of is on a rapper girl (can’t place the name right now ) but it’s a paw on the top of each breast. I remember, it’s Eve. They’re not large but they bug the hell out of me because any low cut blouse she wears and all I see are two tiger paws. I’d prefer there be no tats on butts and breasts, but arms, back and legs don’t bother me.

    I’m all for fake breasts, although like most people I prefer a good set of natural. However not everyone is so blessed, so a good enhancement is great.

    I couldn’t tell you my favorite tatted model because I don’t really notice whether they have tattoos or not unless it’s over the top. I like Kat from LA Ink’s tattoos and she has them all over her body but they’re all top notch work and art in their own right.

  4. I think tattoo’s look fantastic on women, and are very sexy.. I have a few tattoo’s so maybe I am biased.. Meh… Good post tho…

    1) For
    2a) –
    2b) –
    3) Noope
    4) –
    4a) As above, probably biased because I have them.
    5) Sure 🙂
    6) Ahh good question, i’ll say yes maybe a little
    7) Yep im fine with any girls with tats
    8) You Xuan, that first model on this page… But I have plenty 🙂
    9) NOT a model, but worst tattoo award goes to Amy Whinehouse

  5. Myself the tattoo depend on the art itself. I do not care for tat that cover every inch of the body either. As for personality, I think that is what determines the tattoo. The tat may enhance that personality that is already there that is desiring to get out. Jandi Lyn has some nice tats on her back that I like. It is an art form like any other art that is out there. Some like it others have no idea. I prefer no tats at all but if done in good taste I can look past it.

    As for breasts, I prefer all natural. There are some nice fake ones out there that I like also. What I hate seeing are these tiny girls that get an enhancement that belongs on a 6 foot 250 female linebacker. Keep it proportional to the body and don’t make look like a watermelon was cut in half and glued to the chest. Thats just not natural looking.

    Overall I’d have to say I prefer the female body in it’s natural state of nakedness. Now if enhancements are don in good taste I can like that too.

  6. i think its a fine balance between the personality of the model, the way she portrays this via her look, and then the actually tattoo itself. Some girls with ink…just look like they have tramp stamps…why’ll others can be quite graceful and intriguing …my wife is singaporean…she has a small tattoo her shoulder bade, and i dont even notice it….when I say small not tiny…but she would be hot if she was dressed in a sack in my eyes…

  7. Tattoo is one kind of art to show off their beauty especially for women. It’s not uncommon now among Asian women.

    Japanese actress Yuriko Yoshitaka starred in a body piercing and tattoo movie back in 2008 called “Snakes and Earrings” where she have dragon tattoo on her back.

    This is probably the ONLY Asian movie that best describes about the art of tattooing and body piercing in close details among Asian women. Below are the synopsis and trailer of the movie.

  8. I think women tattoo in order to select men. If you don’t like the tattoo, you don’t want the lady. It simplifies things. Tattoos visible with normal dress (below the elbows or knees) turn me off, as I hold tattoos to be a private thing. Christian themes will leave me cold, too, but that’s just me. If I have any appreciation for the design, and I usually do, tattoos are a serious asset. To me. Fake boobs are a bigger issue. On a chemical level, when a man looks at a woman and decides to attempt to F***, he’s telling himself that more of that woman’s genetic characteristics on the planet would be a good thing. And if you like large breasts, and figure them into the equation, but they’re fake, somehow I’d feel like I was getting ripped off.

  9. I hate tattoos with a purple passion. I’m also not a fan of fake boobs unless they’re natural looking and not grotesque.

  10. First time poster…long time visitor:

    I never met Dr. Lee but his posts are always spot on. He stated my thinking on the matter.

    To add…

    When you meet some of these tattooed women when they are in their 30s, they will be spending a small fortune to get them removed via laser. What seemed like a good idea in their teens or 20s doesn’t seem desirable (or look as originally intended) later in life.

    It becomes a distraction when you are giving them a massage, or at the beach, or at a formal dinner if they choose to wear a backless dress.

    As for breast jobs, I used to be indifferent. As time goes on, I found I have a strong dislike for large fake breasts. To me, large tattoos and large breasts equal self-esteem issues. To me, they scream “notice me.”

    I love the posts here when you all talk about the subtle differences between the women from, say, Taiwan vs. mainland China…or from northern Vietnam vs. southern Vietnam. I think it is amazing that when a woman’s pic is posted (with no place of origin listed) that you guys will point out little things that can narrow it down!

    Tattoos, generic body piercings, and large breast jobs blur these lines for me. Variety is the spice of life…I love an Asian woman who does not buy into the Americanized ideal of what beauty is.

    Having said all that, it was just my humble opinion. This is my first post and I will lighten up in the future.

    This is really an amazing site. The quality of the photos, the variety of the models, and the discussions that ensue really set it apart.


  11. I hate tattoos on all women, not just Asian ones, is what I meant to say, I should of let myself wake up a little more before typing.

    Tattoos are a huge turn off for me. There are very few girls with tats that I like, I can probably count them on one hand. I especially hate the tramp stamp tats and anything on the arms or legs. And on the breast too.

    I’ve always found Sung Hi’s butterfly kinda hot though.:P Still waiting to see pictures of her new tat on her shoulder. Hope it’s not too bad.

    I used to be a huge fan of Lisa Boyle, she’s not asian of coarse but always liked her. Now she just gross, way too many tats, sleaves. Yuck. Tera Patrick too.

  12. It depends on the model. On a normal cutesy girl, no tattoo or surgery. Keep it natural. For the model type or punk rocker type, then it fits the bad girl image.

    I prefer an artfully composed full back mural tattoo. Like the snake woman from Ninja Scroll!

    I don’t like the small tattoos that are randomly placed on club girls. A tramp stamp can look pretty though.

    My background is in design, so for me it comes down to ‘does this look aesthetically pleasing’.

    My favorite tattoo babe is Adrenalynn –just for the novelty of that amazing anal tattoo!

  13. Oh yes the beautiful anal tattoo on Adrenalynn. You are so right Mr IRIS. Very kinky if I ever saw it up close and personal.

  14. Denver11, its funny that you mention Lisa Boyle. I think she was my gateway to asian women. I used to love her too.

    Anyway, I’m generally against tats on women. They used to mean something, but now they’ve just become so passe. The whole point of getting one was to show your individualism, but it can’t do that if everyone has one. It seems to me that sometime in the past ten years it became the trendy thing to do like so many other cultural phenomena.

    Now when I see one, the first thing that crosses my mind is that the person is a lemming and will follow everyone else off the cliff. They probably did it because it was the cool thing to do. They did it to fit in and get attention, and not because they had a rebel spirit and wanted to remain an individual.

    Actually, I used to like tats and almost got one myself (the tattoo artist said I was too young and wouldn’t do it), but when people like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton get them, its a very stale idea.

    I’m OK with breast implants as long as they aren’t huge or look very round. I’m still not a huge fan, but it doesn’t bother me. If done right, they can look great.

  15. I’d very much like to hear some asian women comment about tatoos: why they get them, how they relate to them. Christine, you seem to be back on the AS radar screen after long radio silence. What’s your take on all this?

  16. Please, please, please.


    I will buy you the Monet or the Warhol, but you will
    never have to wear it.

  17. 1) Definitely for tasteful tattoos
    2b)Tattoos on the legs usually dont look that good.
    3) Not really
    4) Not really
    4a) Like a few others, I have my own so don’t mind them on the ladies
    5) If they are done well
    6) no, it’s comparing apples to oranges so to speak
    9) Names are the worst

    And that Daria is gorgeous!

  18. As a rule, I prefer women (Asian or otherwise) with natural breasts and no tats or unusual piercings. I find a woman’s natural beauty far more impressive than the “art” applied to them.

    With that said, there are exceptions. There are boob jobs that look fine (natural-looking is better for me). And there are some tats that look nice on certain women. I tend to prefer smaller tats and those not placed right near the genitals or on the breasts. Tramp stamps are kind of lame, too.

    But I can’t say I have ever seen a beautiful woman who was MORE beautiful because of a tattoo.

    As for what it says about a person, well that probably depends on the person, the tattoo and the placement of the tattoo. I know some see them as a statement of individuality or (as another poster noted) a sign that they “live on the edge”. In my experience it seems quite the opposite, though.

  19. I don’t mind tattoos here and there as long as it’s not like all over, sleeves, back, things like that (though I actually don’t mind the tattoo on the back of the lady in the first picture).

    I dislike implants even more than excessive tattoos. I prefer small and natural to implants, it is a turn off because it just doesn’t look right or good to me. And it doesn’t matter what race a woman is, all natural is always better.

  20. Like French says, I also doubt many women know what their doing, when they get their tats at early 20s or late teens. Girls should really think 10 times before doing something that is almost for life.

    If it’s in extremely good taste and not visible with normal clothes, I may like some tattoos.

    Sometimes I like tattoos that are big and visible. Just not my kind of girl, but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t admire some art work if it’s worth it.

    Fake tits are okay for me if necessary and if not too big for the body. But most women don’t really need fake tits, imho.

  21. I dig tats but as long as they look like they were done professionally by a good artist and not in someone’s crack den. I know Ayanna. She still looks good.

  22. tatoos are for people with poor body image.

    they are trying to hide their inadequacies by giving you something else to look at.

    and don’t think just cause they look hot they don’t have inadequacies.


  23. if the tattoo (or the boobs) suit the model they are allright. I think the tatts look better if unique, but if they come up well they will probably be copied.
    My wife is Thai and tells me any Thai girl with a tattoo is ‘one of those’ girls, which seems a common view in their society as far as I can tell. However I quite like the traditional thai tattoos.
    Personally I find tatts near the vagina, especially those placed centrally the biggest turn off. There is a model with two eyes there which is perhaps the worst tatt I have ever seen.

  24. I must admit that I quite like tattoos on Asian girls….as long as they are ‘cultural/traditional’ e.g. dragons, koi fish, cherry blossoms, and not like spiders or butterfly’s. In fact, I think the bigger, the better 🙂

    A couple of great examples of what I am talking about, are probably Jandi Lin or Dragon Lily

    A few more examples:

    In fact, one of best I have seen, was on a girl walking out of Central Station in Sydney. She was wearing a mini-skirt and boots, and had a sakura tree tattoo running up one of her legs from her calf…I almost walked into a pole imaging where it blossomed!!

  25. 1- Against
    2- None
    3- Yes, that she’s trendy, superficial and thinks short term
    4- No
    4a – When I was a kid, lots of WWII and Korean vets had tattoos that looked horrible since as people age, their skin stretches. It was something “old” people did so rarely did you see tattoos on someone of my generation. Now kids do it to be different from their parents, and eventually their kids won’t go near a tattoo since it’ll be something that “old” people do. It’s just a cycle and a trend.
    5- Sometimes, if the girl is very flat chested or her boobs sag. I prefer natural on 90%+ women but feel the Japanese style of boob job is the best since it looks the most natural. Asian women with petite figures look very silly to me when their boob job is out of proportion to their natural figure.
    6- No
    7- No
    8- None
    9- There is none

    How long can I look at a painting before I’m tired of it, no matter how magnificent it is? Same thing with a tattoo, and we’re not exactly talking Raphael here. The nature of the medium is that even the best tattoo is limited in an artistic sense, at least to me. In the end, it’s just being a walking billboard for someone else’s artwork.

    Any plastic surgery is fine if it is used to correct an obvious flaw. I’ve just seen too many women, after they have that first one, get another and another and eventually look ridiculous, artificial and plastic. It’s like once you start down that path, it never seems to end.

  26. I’m against tattoos. I could deal with a small “tramp stamp” on the back, but in general tattoos are a major turn-off. Especially those silly gangsta-wanna-be ones on hips & thighs ( Amara Ranipas & Nicole Orling for instance)

    I’m inconsistent though, since I think Jandi Lin looks fantastic with colorful phoenix covering her whole back. Or maybe I like her because she’s nearly always naked? She would make a good Asian Siren candidate.

  27. 1. For. Clearly, there are a lot of ugly tattoos out there, but I find tats can be VERY sexy.

    2b. I’m for tats anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes the more there are the sexier!

    3. It all depends on the tats. But generally speaking, I find women who have a lot of tats are more assertive and wilder in nature.

    4. No.

    5. I have ZERO issues with implants unless the boob job clearly looks terrible.

    6. Yes. The reason? It’s THEIR choice, not YOURS. Your opinion is irrelevant and seems ridiculous when you can say “yes” to one and “no” to the other.

    7. Of course.

    8. To be honest, I’m not really someone who remembers models by name.

    9. No idea.

    On a side-note, I’ll definitely have to check out “Snakes and Earrings”. In Japan, tattoos are usually viewed as markings you find on yakuza – at least, that’s the prevailing sentiment/stereotype. That said, I’m intrigued by what this film has to say about the culture…

  28. Tattoos and implants are somewhat like ornamentation…they can either enhance, be neutral or detract. Some of these ladies, most recently Ms. Von have novel and tasteful ones that do not diminish their looks. I saw a gorgeous Japanese woman at Narita a few years ago, wonderful figure, fortunately same flight as I to O’Hare. However, seeing her large “stamp” while waiting in the immigration line was a huge let down. As French mentioned, the ones that scream “look at me” or are the typical tramp or clan symbols that the artist could do blindfolded provide zero upside to an otherwise beautiful body.

    Much the same with B jobs. If done correctly, they can enhance a woman’s figure, improve her self-esteem and, in the case of these women, help their career. I was struck by the absolute sexiness of my first, a small Vietnamese woman, when she was nursing. She later had surgery that moved her from a 34B to C (didn’t get to see those), but from the “outside” it’s impossible to notice. On the other hand, my second, Chinese, IS a 34C and wishes she were smaller (sigh.) She also has a tattoo, nice design on her hip that we decided on together.

    The appropriately named Jayd Lovely was bold enough to show photos on her site of pre- and post- implants and the general buzz on this forum was positive.

    Not to belabor the point, but many of those J-size AV girls would look much better with just a simple lift. Other people go nutty over the hanging look.

    Piercings, on the other hand………..

    Bottom line…just like art and music, a taste for everyone.

  29. Just when I thought I prefer my Asian women natural or athletically proportioned, I stumbled across a beautiful girl at in Manhattan Beach with a classic tattoo of a dragon from her left shoulder down her arm and rather large (yet perfect) silicone breasts.

    I don’t know a lot about art, but I know what I like.

  30. Oh Boy, Sefu…Jandi Lin and Dragon Lily were quite a treat to look at back there. Thanks a bunch. Tattoos are hot.

  31. 1) Against generally
    2) The more inconspicuous (i.e.; hidden or at least small) the better, also the more artistic the better
    2b) NA
    3) Cliche, but I would generally think she’s a wild one (that’s the good thing about them:-))
    4a) I’m not into body adornments in general – tats, piercings, etc. I also don’t really care for excess rings or chains. I’m really not as strict/square:-) as that sounds.; for example it doesn’t boher me at all if someone has a lot of rings, but I only have my wedding ring and only cuz I don’t have a choice. Similarly, if someone has multiple ear piercings, or a navel piercing, that doesn’t bother me but I HATE nose/lip/eyebrow piercings! I can work and interact with people that have them without any problems, but they are a turnoff for me.
    5) Yes, if done well
    6) Slightly, but again I prefer moderation in both
    7) No difference
    8) SHL
    9) Anything garish

  32. Those of you who say girls will regret it when they’re older and have no idea about what they are doing are being a little patronizing in my opinion.

    I’m sure many women and men think long and hard about design and where they are going to place them, especially in the modeling industry. Fair enough they’ll be a few mistakes but that’s it. I know very few women who regret them, the only issue is that they can become an addiction.

    As for getting older, unfortunately we live in a world where the shelf life of women in certain industries are very short so I really do not think it’ll be a huge issue and as for being a problem at 30…. Come on, they’re bodies will probably still be smoking. As for old age, who looks good at old age anyway?

    Do I like or dislike them??? If tastefully done and well thought out then yes, although it’s their decision not mine. Would it put me off, hell no, if the woman has a beautiful face and is a nice person then what is not to like.

    Fake breasts or not – Prefer natural but I’ve seen some great fake ones in Japan that almost look au naturale and are great!

  33. Mzungu, I did not say “girls will regret it.” I wrote that many women will regret those tattoos later in life.

    My cousin is a doctor who purchased one of those $75,000 laser machines. The bulk of his business now is tattoo removal on women age 25-35. He tells me it is like printing money. Treatments are $300 – $500 each, and 4-8 treatments are needed. He paid off that machine in three months…vanity is recession-proof.

    I simply mean to say that what seems good at age 18 may not be such a good idea at 25 or 30. Remember the mullet haircut? Bodies do change as well. The “artwork”, therefore, changes too. Ever seen a “warrior princess riding a dragon” tattoo on a woman in her 40’s that she got 20 years earlier? Not pretty. And is that now a dragon or a unicorn or a what?

    I know of many women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s who look quite good. I actually ran into Jaclyn Smith (of Charlies Angels fame) in New York last year. Everyone, and I mean every man in that restaurant, drooled and stared; every woman looked on with envy- she looks amazing.

  34. French: There are a lot of decisions that we make during our lives that we regret and cannot change. That’s called “living”.

    Having said that, you mention “many” will come regret their decision to have tattoos but what exactly does “many” equate to? 5%? 10%? 50%? More? I would be willing to bet that “many” women will NOT regret their tattoos in later life.

    I’m sure your cousin has a lucrative tattoo laser removal business, but I certainly wouldn’t equate his business with how “many” people regret their tattoo decisions in the grand scheme of things.

    What disturbs me the most about tattoo detractors is how much they seem to think they understand the culture. How they routinely assume that a person will inevitably regret their tats. How they overstate how tats will look in old age (newsflash: you’re old and your body is no longer a worthy, sight-seeing exhibition). ^_^;;

    In my experience, people who dislike tattoos are usually overly vocally critical and are prone to assume negative characteristics onto people who have them. I suppose that’s been ingrained culturally being that tats have some notorious roots in history. Frankly, people who don’t have tattoos will never understand them and why people enjoy them or felt the need to have one (or many) inked on their body. So why be so vocal? I suppose it’s just like anything: people who don’t conform to social generalities are usually condescended upon.

    Anyway, you may not appreciate tattoos and you have made it clear that you find it a distraction but it isn’t the case for “many” people. I’m sure that’s what you meant – no? As you said, “variety is the spice of life” and women with tattoos certainly add flavor to the pot. They certainly are in the minority and that is something I find very appealing.

    Lastly, I’m not trying to attack you — I simply feel that there is a lot of negativity towards tattoos and I felt that a counter argument needed to be voiced. I’ve enjoyed reading this entire discussion and that’s a testament to the members of this site. 🙂

  35. Sevendeuce, you raised some good points and pointed out some inconsistencies in my viewpoints. As I reflect on what you wrote, I agree that my cousin’s practice has warped my view that “many” will regret getting tattoos. I have no hard facts to back up what I said earlier, and i stand corrected.

    As to your first point about ‘living”, I am laughing in that I once had (for a month) a mullet haircut. My mother of course had a photo of me with the mullet placed on her mantel. There were many photos of her kids on that mantel, but the one my buddies swiped one night was of course that mullet pic.

    To this day, I would gladly pay-off my buddies to NOT show that photo to women I date. At first, it is funny. Then it becomes, “I can’t be with this man, look at the decisions he has made in his past!”…lol

    As for your comment about “the culture”…I am reminded of Harley-Davidson’s resurrection about 25 years ago. They went broke, and needed financing. Banks left and right turned them down. Finally, one investor lined up the money. When asked why, he stated, “Harley-Davidson” is the only product in the world that people love so much they will tattoo the name onto their bodies.”

    I can’t imagine anyone tattooing “McDonalds”.

    I love a good viewpoint exchange…thanks for taking the time to point these things out. You know, next time I am at my cousins, I will ask a woman or two about their tats…I should have to begin with.

  36. I actually think French’s “many” statement is factually accurate – tattoo removal is a big business these days, so there must be many who do later regret them. As to what that percentage is, I don’t know (it would be an interesting study), but clearly, many people are getting them removed.

  37. “Some” and “many” are entirely arbitrary distinctions so they cannot be “factually accurate”. As an example, I could attribute 5% as many. I could attribute 25% as some. Or vice versa.

    But I get your point! ^^

    Clearly, there is a business for tattoo removal. No arguments there. That said, I’d be happy to accept a government grant to perform a study to help settle the debate. 🙂

  38. Strictly speaking, “some” and “many” refer to numerical values, not percentages. In numerical terms, I think any reasonable person would define the people having tats removed as “many”. I would be interested in seeing the percentages though.

  39. Doc, not that I want to get into a war of semantics, but percentages ARE numerical values. In essence, the very terms “some” and “many” refer to arbitrary percentages.

    All = 100%
    None = 0%
    Some/Many = somewhere in between All and None

    The issue with stating “many” and/or “some” is that there is no distinct value range for either. It’s an entirely arbitrary distinction that has no merit unless a stated value range is defined for each term. My issue with using such distinctions is that it’s a very lazy way to attempt to lend creedance to an argument when there is no hard evidence (or numbers in this case) to back up a claim.

    What percentage of people “regret” their decision to have tattoos? Any reasonable person could claim that while “many” people have them removed, a far greater proportion of people are pleased with them and maintain them. So what *exactly* does “many” mean? Hell, your version of “many” could mean 2% – which isn’t exactly an alarming number.

    Anyway, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly reasonable person and I would like to see the *numbers* too. 🙂

  40. Travis: Great article, and if it’s accurate, it states 17% as the “regret” number. Not exactly a high number…

    … though I suppose you could say that was “many”, but I would just say “some”. ^_^

  41. In numerical terms, 17% of all people who get tattoos definitely is a high number (“many”)! However, I agree it is more useful to look at the percentages – in this case, the most accurate way to describe it would be “a significant percentage”.

    Still, when is this poll taken? Immediately after they get them? At 60? Given that most people who’ve had tattoos are relatively young, I think that figure will shoot up dramatically over time.

  42. does anyone know the asian star with a rose tat on pelvis. I have not seen her since the ninties. She also has a very loud high pitched moan

  43. l love tats on girls also tit and tounge piercings. Ruby Renegade perfect example of tattoedand pierced asian beauty!

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