Asian Sweetheart’s photos @

Asian Sweetheart's photos @

You may allready know the blog Asian Sweetheart (mostly about Thai ladies), but you can now also check out the photo’s from her blog on

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  1. I was under the impression that the cute girl pic was actually of a Thai model (not the person who actually writes as “Asian Sweetheart”), as this presents a more friendly face to potential customers of ‘her’ dating service. ‘Her’ style of writing feels very white male to me (probably American). But I could be completely wrong!

  2. She writes things like “if I was a boy”, so she obvioulsy wants people to think she is a woman =)

  3. Wow, all this attention on me. Yes, I’m a girl. I must thank my coach for helping my writing. Especially with slang and idioms. Idioms are so fun, I try to use them often. They “crack me up” (that’s one that makes no sense translated to Thai).

    Coach also gives opinions on the ladies I post. So many funny ways to describe women and their body parts.

  4. Whoah! If you are a girl then you’re certainly my kind of girl – very witty and observational (not to mention cute!). I take it your coach is a white (American?) guy?

  5. I think that’s interesting that Dr. Lee can tell that coach is a white American guy through my writing. I know American, British and Australian each speak a little bit different English. Probably especially with slang.

    And thanks for the nice words!

    I’m just doing what everybody likes to do, look at pretty girls. Everybody likes to look at pretty girls, right? Straight guys, of course. Gay guys, yes, they like it too because they want to be one. Gay girls, of course. Straight girls, yes, because they also want to be one. Did I miss anyone?

  6. The Doc is very perceptive. πŸ˜‰ Actually, it’s more about the perspective of the writing rather than any slang (I hadn’t really noticed any of the latter in your posts). People from different countries look at things in different ways, and their writing reflects that. It usually also reflects the sex of the writer. πŸ˜‰

    It is very true that women enjoy looking at other gorgeous women just as much as men do (although they usually have higher standards!). But is is unusual for them to write about it on the net!

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