Asian Sirens Honored By Tiara Lestari

Tiara Lestari

[A Message For Our Indonesian Friends (in Indonesian)]

Just a quick post to mention that Asian Sirens has been honored by no less than Tiara Lestari in a recent entry in her personal journal. You may be surprised to learn how often models object to us posting about them here, telling us we’re infringing on their copyrights or whatever. Tiara on the other hand recognises the value of the free publicity we’ve given her, and for that we salute you Tiara! It’s also nice to get a personal dedication. 😉

On another, less positive note, Tiara has just had her first impersonator. See her blog entry for more information. Apparently the imposter only speaks Indonesian, so this is a chance for our Indonesian friends to show Tiara your support!

UPDATE: I’ve updated the pic for this article in honor of Tiara’s birthday today (the 10th of October) – this is definitely my favourite pic of her so far!

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0 thoughts on “Asian Sirens Honored By Tiara Lestari”

  1. well..she needed it anyway, since there are lots of horny men..including myself..searching her nude pics..but after we saw the pics…oh..the kind of girl we would find in message parlors which also serve as brothels in Indonesia..did not mean to insult her..but it’s true…BTW , is she getting dark??

  2. be nice hotbytes, be nice.. ahhh, why aren’t such women in my part of the world? all i ask for is just one!!!

  3. Tiara is a smart girl, recognizing the value of the free publicity. Post a few pics on internet and encourage them to be spread around with credit given to her original post. That’s how to get famous fast. Then leverage that fame for business purposes.

    The opposite and shortsighted thinking is the case with the “import model” shows in the U.S. where you actually have to sign an agreement that you will not publish photos you take, even though they are your own photos and the models usually require you pay to take their photo. That’s how not to get famous and not to create goodwill.

  4. Well hotbytes, regardless of what you think of Tiara’s looks, I think her supprt of Asian Sirens should be applauded. Also, there’s a lot more to modelling than just how you look: Tiara really knows how to pose for the camera, and by all accounts she’s a true professional to work with. Few people outside the modelling industry realise the value of these factors to a model’s success.

  5. Dr Lee , u r one of a kind, the best thing about u is that u see and say things positively, no matter what people say, I give you credit for that, I might went too harsh most of the time, but negativity also makes critics constructive, if you’ve seen Simon Cowell from American Idol , most people think he is harsh and always negative but he says the truth, bad is bad, good is good ,he invented the show and has turned it into multi millions franchise worldwide because of his attitude, which comes naturally, so my point is when judging something we need to take negativity into consideration and be broad in perspective.

  6. why say anything bad unless you really, really have to? what are you carping about, hotbytes?

    tiara, in my opinion looks absolutely perfect. beauty, of course is in the eye of the beholder BUT what’s the sense of shattering her good image? she’s “too short/too brown” blah, blah. i’m too tall & too yellow-haired, yet i have to keep on living.

    p.s. i’m sure nightlife in jakarta is great. so is mine local “after-hours”. if you ever visit NYC i’ll show you around. just don’t expext much from local women. 😉

  7. There’s plenty of room for alternative opinions here at Asian Sirens, as long as nobody gets abusive. As Tiara herself knows, I wasn’t particularly attracted to her at first either, but she’s won me over with her open-mindedness and professionalism. For example, I’m sure she won’t be too offended by hotbytes’ comments – she has enough self-confidence to take this sort of thing easy, which you need to be able to do in this line of business.

  8. hi..I am Robert, Indonesian man, I am new here so be gentle with me …I’ve been reading all your comments, and think it would be fair to have an Indonesian man comment in these matter ( although my comment may not represent the general thought ), I think what Tiara is doing ( modelling, playboy, n’stuff ) is her choice and good for her.And I don’t think if she is walking on the street in Indonesia, we the man, wouldn’t turn our head(s) to see her.That would be a total lie!! Like the Doc,I too have scepticism about model, I don’t know many models, but after reading her blogs, I am impressed!! In my opinion she is smart, sexy, and independent, she know what she wants and she goes after it! And no matter what part of the world u came from, u got to admire that!!

  9. Nik, I am an Indo man living in South Jersey, i’ve been to NYC many times, you should visit China Town message parlors there , lots of Tiara looking babes who are ready to pleasure you !! , I used to live in South Philly where there are 5000 Indonesians living and working here (lots of Tiara looking Indo babes too !!), and Philly China Town message parlors are just like those in Bangkok, Shanghai and Jakarta !!! lots of asian beauties ready to give you the ultimate pleasures…!!!

  10. Hi again Tiara. I’d just like to say congratulations on the first personal blog on the net that has manged to maintain my interest. There’s certainly a lot more to you than meets the eye… 😉

  11. hi….tiara….kangen pulang solo gak, im so proud about your career. as a solo very surprised about yuor model acjtivity…maybe someday you will visited your hometown at solo glad to meet you….

    will you need sego liwet, gudeg cakar, or shopping at pasar klewer…


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