Asian Sex Gazette’s Top 20 Asian women of 2005

Asian Sex Gazette's Top 20 Asian women of 2005

Happy holidays everyone. As you may have noticed in recent days, we have been working to put together a top list for 2005. We have taken everyone’s feedback and appreicate it very much. In many ways this list would not have been possible with out the help and partnership we have shared over 2005. We look forward to 2006!It has been a good year at Asian Sex Gazette and we have enjoyed working to bring you quality reporting on matters of sexuality from Asia. At times the news has been good, such as women gaining rights, sexual education improving in places where it was lacking or non-existant, or the work of many to improve sexual health.

Over the year we have become recognized a premier source for reporting on sex in Asia, and we thank you the reader for your support. Our publication has found that, for some reason, our reports on up-and-coming, sex-scandal celebrities and model profiles of beautiful Asian woman are a bit more porpular than our reporting on say, human trafficking. Always seeking to serve our readership, we bring you ‘Asian Sex Gazette’s Top 20 Asian woman of 2005.’

These are women who made headlines in 2005, advanced the status Asian feminity in the West and made all of us take a second glance. We believe this also provides a public service by helping our friends and professional cohorts at publications like, who were only able to identify a handful of Asian women for their ‘Top 99’ this year, by helping to increase the profile of Asian women.

Thanks again for reading Asian Sex Gazette and we look forward to providing you with more of the best coverage of sex in Asia in 2006. Happy New Year, click here is the list.

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0 thoughts on “Asian Sex Gazette’s Top 20 Asian women of 2005”

  1. Great list! I’ll definitly have to find more photos on some of those girls. My tops on the list of are definitly Shin Mina, Lee Hyori, Zhang Ziyi, Hiromi Oshima , Lin Chi-ling and Petchara.
    The list needs some japanese girls, they are really beautiful too.

  2. groovenet, do you have any suggestions for Japanese girls? I can think of a few myself.

    BTW, I noticed that there are two #15s on the list Shin Mina and Wafah Dufour (on seperate pages of the article though). I suppose if you take the Russian chick out that it would still be a top 20, hehehe! 😉

    I double checked and all of those listed have been featured on Asian Sirens (other than the Russian chick who wasn’t for obvious reasons). Sorry I know that ASG considers Russians to be Asians but Natalia Vodianova looks very caucasian rather than Asian IMHO.

    Good job on the list including some nice photos that I haven’t seen before!

  3. Yeeeaah, I noticed that today too after working on this thing for days, when we had it in final form divided over all 4 pages, that was when we noticed the two 15’s… Honestly, I didn’t have the heart to pull anyone; they had all been chosen for a reason… 🙂

    I understand your Russian v. Asian arguement – as we hear it alot. And yes we do consider all of geographic Asia and it’s residents ‘Asians…’

    Natalia is of course ‘Caucasian’ (well, Slavic), and and would concede only that she is not ethnically Asian. But then we would also have to remove Wafah (Arabic) and Aishwarya (Hindi)…

    And that would just suck… 🙂 But appreciate the feedback as always – keep it coming. And thanks for everything!


  4. Tiara Lestar over Lucy Liu and ashwara ray? cmon guys …the whole world knows Lucy liu, and Lucy liu would laugh off reading this list , she’d be like Tiara WHO?, who the hell is Tiara? even in Indonesia, Tiara cannot compete with other models in terms of their looks and profile , she is too short (she admitted it herself) and for the public is considered too provocative, she is not getting alot of gigs anymore. she won’t never be in Playboy USA since she appeared in Penthouse as they compete each other. it’s just you guys saw Tiara made it in dutch penthouse and spanish playboy then you think she is wow the hottest and all that…you need to research Indo beauties more (check out the indo teen singer / actress – agnes monica who is huge in Indo ). OH BTW there is gonna be another Indo girl that will appear in PLAYBOY !! (yeah take that Tiara – bye bye Tiara !!) here is the link :

  5. Hotbytes, why didn’t you suggest your favorites before?

    And where can I find more info on Indah Ludiana? I only can find tens of websites that have the same news and that is that she is probably the next Indonesian model in Playboy. No pictures, no additional info, nothing.

  6. While I love Hsu Chi (Shu Qui) and she’s definitely one of the biggest Asian models/actresses ever, I wouldn’t have put her in a 2005 list myself – it’s been a reltively quiet year for her actually.

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