Asian Robot Skin

Amazing Philips RobotSkin advertisement directed by Bruno Aveillan. The Robot looks Asian enough to me to post the clip here! πŸ˜‰ The RobotSkin website is pretty cool also! (music by Raphael Ibanez De Garayo)

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  1. I enjoyed the clicky glitchy music and the animated sci-fi shorts. Aeon Flux-y. For what I guess is a “viral” campaign for a product, I have to admit they caught my attention. How annoying! πŸ˜›

    Need to gaze at that Jarah Mariano post some more.

  2. nice spot, but pretty racist. is the exotic ‘geisha’ bot servicing the white man catering to the existing stereotypes of the perpetual foreigner and the marginalized other? or is the irony in that the future conceptualised and referred to here is still racist? come to think of it, this site can be racist as well. the celebration of asian beauty may not necessarily be offensive here in this case, but some of the comments, some of the ways in which the women are discussed or even percieved, disturbs viewers like myself. the fact that some of the contributors and commenters are asians and asian-americans, like myself, is no get-out-of-jail free card. rather, it is more disappointing that the asian and asian-american participants of this online community don’t say anything in response to comments and posts that highlight some of the ignorance that still runs rampant throughout the world. if this site is truly meant to celebrate that which is percieved to be beautiful, then why not also fight to combat which is ugly – namely, ignorance and racism?

  3. We have had a few threads dealing specifically with these sorts of issues – if you actually have any constructive suggestions on how we may deal with any perceived racism here, please post them there.

    As for this commercial, I take it you think it wouldn’t have been racist if the robot looked caucasian? But how would that make any difference? Would you say it is okay for a caucasian to “serve” a man, but not an Asian? That sounds a lot more racist to me – this commercial may be sexist, but not racist.

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