Asian Persuasion: Diana Thai

Some time ago Playboy Cyber Club had a pictorial named ‘Asian Persuasion’ featuring Asian models from the past and today. In the next few weeks I will feature some of them at Asian Sirens with the original photo. It would be great if you can help to tell us what happened with the model after she appeared in Playboy. Do you know any recent interviews, photos or interesting links?

Today we start with Vietnamese/Chinese model Diana Thai.

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  1. This time I will start with some links and an interview of Diana Thai with Surfillustrated (August 2005):

    Where were you born?

    Southern California

    What is your national origin or ethnicity?

    Vietnamese & Chinese

    Where do you call home, and why?

    It doesn’t matter what town or city just as long as I am surrounded by the people I love that is home to me!!!

    Growing up, what personality trait(s) or characteristic(s) best describes you?

    I would best describe myself growing up as a class clown tom boy. I love to make people laugh because I think that I am a weirdo and I really enjoyed playing sports. I also was very artistic. I love to challenge my mind.

    Did you go to a public school or a private school?

    I went to a public school.

    Were you involved in sports- if so, which sports?

    I played some basketball when I was in junior high.

    Are you attending a college, university, trade school, technical school or any other type of school now?

    I graduated from FIDM in 2002 for Fashion Design.

    If you are no longer attending school or college what are you doing now?

    I am currently working in the fashion industry designing and also a part time model for fun.

    What got you started in modeling?

    The first thing I did was model for playboy’s special editions (Casting Calls 2002 and Exotic Beauties 2002, red.)

    Of the people you’ve worked with to date in Print, Television, Film or Video, name 2-3 people, whether actors, actresses and/or models, as well as directors and/or producers that you’ve worked with that impressed you with their skill or knowledge of their craft, and what made them different from others in their similar field?

    I don’t have a specific person who impressed me with their skills I just think everyone has there own way of working. Just anyone that inspires me makes me impressed.

    What are some of your personal hobbies, interests, sports activities, or things that you like to do for fun?

    I enjoy making my own clothes, traveling, extreme sports, shopping of course, and dancing.


    Selected links:

  2. Flawless body, nice hair, easy smile … so why do we need the eye shadow and brow pencil? She’d look better without them, and might have actually been convincing as a surfer girl.

  3. Marco…..Diana is super sexy!! Thanks!

    Even though she is not nude in the Surf Illustrated gallery, I think those are some really nice shots of her.

    It’s funny, I was going to do a feature on Diana Thai quite a while ago, but I couldn’t find much about her. My hat is off to you for finding all these good links!

  4. She definitely is Northman and I was surprised that there were only this few links about her.

    Does anybody has more info about her? Based on what I found at Surf Illustrated I asume that she is still doing modeling work so why can’t we find more?

  5. Flawless body? Super sexy? I guess I’m the odd man out again. 😉

    She probably looked better before the nose job (and before you pick me up on my certainty NorthMan, in this case I’m so sure I’d put money on it!).

  6. That’s it! Designers always use Macs because they’re truly WYSIWYG, so maybe all the PC users can’t tell what the models actually look like! 😉

  7. Lee….I have no doubt that you are certain about your own opinion.

    But keep in mind that you could be wrong. You could be right too.

    It would be just as wrong for me to state with certainty that she did not have a nose job. But, I don’t know for sure just as you don’t know for sure.

    You should always state your opinions with the possibility that you could be wrong. If you state them as fact, it just makes you look silly because you can’t be sure just by looking at photographs.

    I would say the same thing to anyone who said with certainty that she did not have a nose job.

    Lee, you should listen to my advice. It will improve your sagging credibility. 🙂

  8. Saying this girl might not have a nose job is a bit like saying Lena Li might not have a boob job – I would lose far more credibilty by saying that! I’ve got $100 here that says she has a nose job – if you guys can prove me wrong, it’s your’s. 😉

  9. Lee, I don’t know of any way to prove with certainty that Diana has or has not had a nose job.

    And that is my point. Neither can you.

  10. Yes, but I am stating (accurately) that I am so certain she has a nose job I would be prepared to put money on it – that is my opinion in this case.

  11. for some girls with small..they can still be very sexy…i guess it depends on the girl and how fit she is…this girl looks like she would be a tiger in bed….:)…meow…i mean grrrrrrrrrrr:)

  12. ‘Mosquito bites’ – I like that! The overall form of her body isn’t that great either – it’s not just the lack of tits, but her upper body is just too small relative to her lower body. And she doesn’t have much of a waist either. So in other words, not exactly what I would call a ‘flawless body’! 😉

  13. Thanks lawboy, I think you’ve really hit on why my taste in the girls featured here is often so different from a lot of our readers! What you say is true for a lot of (maybe even most) white guys, but means absolutely nothing to me.

  14. CLM, please refrain from using such vulgar language. I’m sure you can get your point across using nicer words. Thanks!

  15. wow… i actually grew up with her, but we’ve lost all contact. she’s very sweet and loving, i wish her the very best.


  16. b68dkd6jf928hs1…funny you should mention that because I’m growing up with Diana right at this very moment… and don’t worry, she’s definitely getting the very best 😉

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