Asian Female Robot

Pretty impressive robot we’ve got here… I am guessing Japanese! 😉
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  1. The day they build an Asian robot love doll under $1000 is the day that White men dissapear from city streets.
    Al Queda could just walk into America and take it over.

  2. A Female robot is reffered to as a GYNOID.

    I recommend adding a latex vaginal, and a ky jelly reservoir that pumps fluid to the latex vagina and anus.

    I also recommend they use LUCY LIU for voice overs.

  3. I agree that gynoid is the most technically correct term (in as much as gynos is the Greek root for female and andros is the Greek root for male), but it is hardly in common use. Like many things, the male term has come to be used for both sexes.

  4. Dr. Lee

    A cyborg is any biological life that is maried to artificial technology that provides it with life support.
    Theoretically, humans are allready cyborgs because we were clothes – however, more strictly speaking, people who have heart implants like pace makers, etc or kidney dialisis machines are cyborgs.

    The one question I haven’t found the answer to, is what do we call a Robot, that is built by a Robot?

    So far, I have heard the word AUTOT used in this regard. (automaton built by an automaton)

    I do also wonder however, if an android or a gynoid is truly more than just a robot until Artificial Intelligence is perfected?

    Noone has clarified these semantics yet.

  5. I wonder if humanity builds robots with artificial intelligence, and gives them human emotions and a human body that has racial features – would the robots themselves identify with the racial groups or would their logic systems cause them to be “color blind”…

    these are the things I must know.

    One thing I do know, is if science figures out a way to build Asian female Gynoids that can clean, cook, shop for food and fuck…the human race will decline exponentially within 200 years.

  6. Interesting speculation as to whether sentient androids would be ‘colour blind’. I would imagine that if they really had minds of their own they would be, but in practice the way they think will probably be influenced by the programming of their creator.

    As far as I’m aware the ‘term’ robot doesn’t carry any information as to who created them – indeed, by definition a robot needn’t necessarily even be a machine (it is basically just a ‘servant’). So a robot built by a robot would simply be… just a robot.

  7. this is just wrong ; )….pretty soon these things will be so real that we wont need real girls but will be boinking robots…remember BladeRunner or WestWorld?…nice fantasy:)

  8. I don’t believe so. It was based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, which I don’t believe was inspired by manga.

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