Another Asian Girl at the Beach

Sexy Asian girl at the beach

Unlike my previous beach girl, I’m pretty sure this one is actually Asian. I don’t know the source of this image, but she sure is cute. Sometimes it’s a nice change to see some amateur or candid looking shots instead of modelng pictures. The unaltered, full size image is here. UPDATE: Thanks to ijm88, here is the full set of 44 images. Enjoy!

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  1. Very nice…though is it just me or is that a C-section scar just below the navel. Not that that is a problem…just looking for confirmation.
    I agree too…I would like to see more candid pics like this…the pro shots are nice but often touched up or downright photoshopped and we all know that is not the way it really goes down….a scar like that would never show up on the pro shots.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, knowing that this is a REAL woman and not a touched up one is 100x more sexy.

  2. doesn’t make a difference to me … true pro shots are touched up but a reg digi camera won’t pick up as many details as a professional camera so i think it balance out ..jus my opinion

  3. It’s funny…..I didn’t even notice that scar or whatever that mark is until Fencerider mentioned it.

    Like I said, I don’t know the source of this pic so there is a chance it could be from a website that stages pics to look amateur. There are so many fake “reality” sites these days, you just never know!

    But either way, she looks good, just my type….dark, petite and sweet! 🙂

  4. Ooohhh oooh yeah!…oral action, indeed. She’s even hotter now. Which might very well place her off the scale of hotness.

  5. Very cute and natural – I like her! I much prefer to see everything (scars and all) rather than the plasto-skin that passes for professional nude photography these days.

  6. I think may be Viet, Thai or Filipina. Looks similar to my g/f who’s Filipina. It doesn’t really matter though, she’s really cute.

  7. hmmm

    90 % i think she is thai (1 photo reveal all the things)

    photsets of vacation in the land of the smile

  8. Boooo 😛

    I’m sure she is Vietnamese. And that’s just a crease, not a scar from a cesarean section. Even if it was I wouldn’t care because I don’t mind scars. I like to see everything too instead of seeing someone with plastic skin.

  9. Doesn’t look flip at all, if she is viet..she would be considered ug- unattractive by their standards, not even subpar. Source: Ive been there and plus where I live, they are much more attractive. And whatta fricken hair monkey man.

  10. I’m guessing she’s at least part Pinay and maybe a bit Japanese but from somewhere in Hawaii… haha! I base all that on this pic right here:

    It’s picture 19 of the 44, if you wanna see it better.

    I may be wrong but hey… just because I’m the Irish doesn’t mean I’m perfect… haha!

  11. She could be Audrey Quock’s little sister. I think she’s mostly Chinese (we’re all mutts, by the way). What a dream of a girlfriend…

  12. hey 1201…i have to disagree..she is pretty even for viet standard..although she is more for the taste of foreigners and not asian men….for some reason farangs like the exotic look like you see on pacific beauties (adam Yurman) and asian men like the porcelean skin chinese looking women….eitherway, she is way hot…a little dental work and she is perfect….

    i think you meant philipino not flip 😉 not PC :))

  13. Just so very YUMMY.I dated someone similar when I lived in L.A.(Thai) Just beautiful.POINTS OFF for giving TODD a bj.You just know that it’s TODD because most Asian guys ‘aint that hairy.
    Damn dork is sooo undeserving.

  14. 1201: can you tone down your language a bit. Still, I agree this girl isn’t great by the standards of light-skinned Vietnamese, although she’s fairly average by the standards of dark-skinned Vietnamese (who have a lot more of an “islander” look to them).

    On the other hand, she looks almost too cute and feminine to be Issarn Thai, but I have seen the odd one who does look like this, so it’s certainly possible.

  15. Very cute. My vote is for Chinese-Filipina, and the shots are taken at Boracay Island in the PI. Definitely not Bali.

    Haven’t a clue as to why the guy is a dork and a loser – he has a lovely wife for sure.

  16. come one guys, easy on the white folks 🙂 they cant help it if they are hairy :))

    ok, anyone knows? viet or not? and you can give me her cell too while you are at it 🙂

  17. My guess is that she’s Thai. Clearly, sometimes it’s difficult to tell. Hell, she might be Viet/Thai – who knows?!

    Anyway, it’s refreshing to see some amateur style shots – and wow, she is certainly cute! It’s nice to see a girl who can sport natural beauty without an army of makeup artists, hair stylists and/or photoshop pros working the shoot.

  18. I don’t think she is thai..actually come to think of it, I wouldn’t know. The word female doesn’t really come up when I think Thailand. Laotian? Polynesian? That’s pretty gnarly though, her having to handle that beast lol. Lawboy where are you from..cause it doesn’t sound like there are many viets there..

  19. The word female doesn’t really come up when I think Thailand.


    Lawboy where are you from..cause it doesn’t sound like there are many viets there.

    That’s actually even funnier, as LawBoy is Viet himself! Still, he does seem to like the dark-skinned girls – I prefer the light-skinned Viet girls myself. 😉

  20. I didn’t know Texas was considered the deep south. Does anybody know her name, hmm not likely.

  21. LawBoy…the dirty southern texican, with chopsticks. That’s so funny. 🙂 Where did this 1201 come from.

  22. “I didn’t know Texas was considered the deep south”. How much deeper can you go in the US, besides Florida. Ooops…Puerto Rico. That’s it, your Puerto Rican, LawBoy. By the way, does anybody know her name, hmmmmmm we all lose.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous ! The smile, the eyes, the body.

    She’s the girl of my dream.

    Of course, the tropical background helps too…

  24. I think this girl is terrific, by any standard. Nice, natural, very pretty face, great smile.

    It’s all good

  25. I’m sure with the collective brain power of the commentators we can work out where the pictures were taken. I can tell you it wasn’t Boracay-been there many times , nothing like the scenery. But I notice a few things. The wrist band-reminds me of Club Med, and topless of course well accepted. Lucky 7 cigarettes are Japanese, don’t know if available in Hawaii-why would she smoke!! Don’t think Thai, notice the cross neck chain. Thought it might be Provo in the Turks and Caicos, but can’t remember any stream like in one of the pictures-so I’d also vote Hawaii, or some other Pacific location. She is certainly beautiful, guess a mixed heritage and therefore very hard to pin down

  26. My wife has taught me to spot VN girls and imo she is one. Cant ask my wife cuz i think id get in trouble for being on here. Its the structure of her cheekbones spread across her nose. She just has a bit of a chinese influence in her than usual. Its true most VN men wouldnt find her attractive. They like those chinese dolls look alikes. By the way my wife’s cousin looks just like this girl except light skin with hazel eyes. VN as well. My wife is dark skin VN with hazel eyes. Im in VN heaven all the time and i love it.

  27. It’s not how deep a state is ARF, the deep south is new orleans, mississippi, arkansas etc..

  28. I rarely envy anybody else here (even somebody like Adam), as I have so many gorgeous Chinese and Korean babes around down here. But “VN heaven” sure does sound nice! I used to have them around when I lived in Sydney actually, and they are the most beautiful women in the world IMHO.

  29. i kinda like how she hides her tits man. if they weren’t hidden, then we lose the fun of trying to find the “treasure” haha.

    is she really an amateur man? (to: lawboy)

    it looks like she really could be in a porn star movie. :p

  30. Badboy has alerted me that (just yesterday) someone has created an apparently fake profile on Model Mayhem using this girl’s pictures. Sheesh!

  31. Maybe not certain….but i think it’s very likely. The profile showed up one day after this entry here.

  32. It don’t sound very strict to me. Heck, it sounds like it might even fit LawBoy’s description. You do have black shoulder length hair, still, don’t you LawBoy? :)) You crazy Texican from Guam. And 1201, I was just messing around. No hard feelings, I hope. It’s a little thing called boredom which comes from living in the deep southern state of georgia…Barf!

  33. Either that profile is really phony or that chick is just a noob. Either way it doesn’t matter to me because I am not on MM.

  34. This reminds me of that guy from Texas who was posing as one of the models featured here. I wonder if it is the same guy? Maybe someone just gets their kicks posing as models.

    If that profile gets updated with pictures that we haven’t seen before such as photos taken by MM photographers, then I would agree that it is a legit profile. Like NorthMan wrote, the timing of creating the profile just after she was featured here seems highly suspicious.

  35. Model Mayhem is not strict and they do not check each new member. I have an account so I went and looked at all the photos in her profile. They are all from the collection posted in the link above. It’s got to be fake, or an extraordinary coincidence that this girl had absolutely no other pictures to use to start of her portfolio with.

  36. You mean the Texas dude who claimed to be a Japanese idol who used perfect idiomatic colloquial English?

  37. Thats great Doc. Whats funny is we’ve mad her a small internet sensation practically overnight. Now she’s going to be wondering where all these requests to become her Myspace friend are coming from.

  38. That’s right – the Asian Sirens effect. 🙂

    BTW, you don’t really need to be her friend to see her page – you just need to be logged into MySpace so they can confirm you’re over 18. Everyone here is over 18, right? 😉

  39. It says her MySpace profile is set to private so you can’t see much until she adds you as a friend. Although both her MySpace and MM list Texas as her location, they list different cities as well as ages. Just want to point that out in case some folks think the MySpace profile makes it more likely her MM profile is legit.

  40. Badboy, not true… Lee said above, you can see her entire profile including her pics as long as you are first logged in to your MySpace account. Check it out.

  41. As hot as she is, I’m not joining Myspace only to see more of her pics. I’m busy enough. The last thing I need is to have to check messages and network with people I don’t know.

    Besides, I’m sure all the juicy pics have been posted here already.

  42. On her Myspace there’s a pic of her kissing another hot Asian girl.
    But her main page is way OD’d on Hello Kitty to the point of making me sick!
    She’s from Dallas, a student at SMU. Yummy. Perfect. My kinda girl!

  43. I want to add her to my friends just so I can say that I’ve seen her boobies… haha! j/k

  44. good job doc….now if you can only get her phone number for us :)) i am going to request to be her friend :))) nice nipplets 🙂

  45. I’m sure she has more than one bf on the go if you are interested. But can you afford?

  46. i am sure arf and doc can lend me some extra benjamins…she is surely worth it 🙂 and she lives in the same state as i do :))

  47. she is hot and she looks just like my friend jennifer. what a hottie, it is nice to hang out with pretty people who look like her. extremely sexy

  48. She hasn’t checked her myspace since 6/20. I don’t think she will know how many of us lukers there are checking things out until she logs in, but I would think that as soon as she learns how many of us there are she will set everything to private. On the other hand, the images themselves seem to have been posted at dumpster long, long ago so I assume knows they are there. She is totally cute. Just the perfect little girlfriend.

  49. My suggestion, to the contrary, is if we all requested to be her friend, she would most likely freak out and shut the thing down. But to each his own opinion.

  50. She’s a super cutie. I mean, that natural face, that slim body and that wonderful waist. Ah, asians in their 18/20s… how sweet. 🙂
    Could those pics be from Hawaii?

    Hey, LawBoy, Taiwan is also full of temptations, post some pics of your new friends there. lol

  51. Could someone PLEASE pleeeeease post a working link to the 44 pictures or send them to my email address? All the links now seem to be broken :((

    Thank you!! <3

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