Anne Thongprasom

Anne Thongprasom

Anne Thongprasom (born November 1, 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai film and television actress, hostess and a producer. Anne is the daughter of a Thai mother and a Swedish-Arabian father.Anne Thongprasom @
Anne Thongprasom @
Anne Thongprasom @
Anne Thongprasom @

Anne Thongprasom

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  1. She’s okay. Not someone that I will get all worked up over. Maybe if she showed more skin she would, but most of the mixed Thai/European women who are in print, tv, and film do nothing for me. I just prefer either 100% Thai or Thai/Chinese.

  2. she’s for real. no worries there… although all the makeup in the dichan cover-shot does make her look a bit ladyboy-esque. haha!

  3. Hi newworks,

    Reason people think that cover model looks ladyboy-esque is because she probably had her nose done by the same talented docs who do the ladyboys. Then add to that, a lady boy doing the makeup and whallah, you have gender confusion.
    I think she looks great but those Yoko Ono shades have got to go. Bad Retro!

  4. hey adam…those girls are your models…very nice…are they on Pacific?…under what name…the one with the bowtie is very pretty…:))

  5. Hi Lawboy,

    Those are Penthouse models and they are working for us and in the middle of a Penthouse/ Dewars promotion. It’s common for clubs to join efforts with liquor, condom or home entertainment companies to do sexy promotins at the better clubs. The model in the red bow-tie with the exptremely large chest is Cartoon. That is her name, not what I think about her. She is also a Pacific Beauty model in answer to your question.

  6. adam…you now should post Cartoon:))…what a prettymodel but a funny name…did you give her that name? 🙂

    she reminds me of Jessica Rabbit :)) raise your hands if you want to watch Cartoon:)

  7. Yo newworks,

    Arabic Nose have a bit of a hook in them and do not have a little bob down at the tip. That is a classic Thai model nose upgrade. Long, straight, narrow with a bob at the tip. They almost all have it now and I wish they would not do that. I like the traditional Thai nose much better. And those Yoko glasses, you like those things? I want to see you in a pair!

  8. Hi Lawboy,
    No her name is not my idea.
    I could never think up such a funny name for a model. Like many things in her country, reality is much more entertaining then any fiction people might come up with.

  9. adam..he he…you should talk to her about changing her name….kinda kill the libido when you hear that name….cant you give her some exotic name :)) how about throwing us a bone and post some frontal…sorry to hijacked Anne’s thread but Cartoon is just too hot…agree doc? 🙂

  10. i was laughing at your description of the glasses; not saying i liked them…

    and i still say that her nose “might” be real, because of her mixed parentage (which is not just arabic, by the way… also, who says all arabic noses are hooked???)

  11. A couple of Cartoon samples from Pacific Beauty:

    She’s got to have one of the most perfect pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen, and a really cute face too!

  12. Hey Newworks,

    Sorry about insinuating you were a Yoko Ono glasses fan. I got your meaning wrong when you said you “love it”. But you do agree they don’t belong on Ann’s pretty face? Hey, have you been to Soi 3 lately? Plenty of noses for study there. Try it, you will get hooked!

  13. ‘hope adam doesnt mind, but dazn couldnt wait:)’

    Blaming it on me now? I demand an apology, and a phone call from Cartoon. 🙂
    I’m hitting page down and page up on her pics now.

  14. wow..nice pics doc..i will have to join pacific b now…:)…are there more of her on there?….nice classic pose..

  15. Good God! What is that woman’s name with the nice breasts, Doc? That is astonishing and jaw dropping to say the least. Zoiks!!!

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