Angela Sora @

Angela Sora @ (Photography: Lawrence Gayoso)

We mentioned her before but when I was checking, the portal website of photographer Lawrence Gayoso I was attracted (again) by the photos of Angela Sora. This Korean/German model (born on October 1, 1982) has an innocent look but when you see some of her photo’s you know she isn’t innocent at all.
Angela Sora @ (Photography: Lawrence Gayoso)

Angela Sora @ (Photography: Lawrence Gayoso)

Angela Sora @ (Photography: Lawrence Gayoso)


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  1. “To be honest, if Marco didn’t say she had Asian blood I wouldn’t know”

    and you call yourself a doctor?

  2. I have seen plenty of pure white girls who look just like her, but really it’s just a nice way of saying that I think she’s made herself look too western for my taste. 😉

    Also, I specialise in only one particular part of the female body, so I wouldn’t be Marco’s doctor anyway (at least I hope not!). 😉

  3. I don’t know what her particular mix is but she is a beautiful sight to behold. I certainly see her asian influence. What, may I ask, is the pencil test?

  4. The “pencil test” is failed when a pencil inserted between the base of the breast and the chest is held in position ie. defies gravity thus indicating that the breasts have started their natural but inexorable fall.

    On the positive side she is not artificially enhanced.

  5. She is simply beautiful and is a great mix of both! I dont know what you mean when you say she “made herself look to western” Shes Mixed for christ sakes! and Natural at that,now a days a lot of models can say that! most models have huge tits that dont fit there body frame and grossly too much makeup hooker look she happens to be one of my favorite models not to many models can have that innocent fresh look!

  6. She’d look more Asian if she didn’t bleach her hair, for example. And while her breasts are certainly natural, I’m not sure her face is.

  7. And what do you have to say about full asain girls that make there hair blonde and wear the fake blue contacts??her hair isnt bleached and even if it was who cares she can pull the look with dark hair or light hair,I have seen angela in person and she actually looks A LOT better in person then in any pic I have ever seen of her and im positive her face is all natural as well.Shes hot hot hot!!

  8. Im just curious who are you or who do you think you are for that matter to judge?Who cares how her hair is or what she does with it,if you have a problem with girls changing their hair then you have a problem with about every women alive! stop being so judge mental man! who cares if she isnt asian looking enough for you!the point is she looks good!and besides these are not good pictures of angela sora these are less flattering photos that Ive seen of her

  9. Im not making a big deal out of it im just curious it sounds like you have a thing against mixed girls,I happen to love asian girls and especially mixed ones!!

  10. There you go – it’s just a question of taste. You obviously like the current ‘import model’ style, and as regular readers of this blog will know, I don’t. 🙂

  11. i wish i could lock that thread & put an end to it. personally, i think she looks better with blonde hair, but even with dark one she was too caucasian for my liking. no, i’ll get it from both sides 😉

  12. I wouldnt say her style is “import model” at all,shes not even an import model that i know of,I think her style is more playboy glamour and I love her look now,she doesnt look caucasian to me she looks both ,either way she is delicious!!! I have been collecting her pics for a while now and she always looks better and better to me=)

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