Ancient Sirens

Japanese nude 1880

If Asian-Sirens would have been around a hundred years ago, this was probably how we would post models.

Unfortunately little is known about this lady and the photographer, except that the model is Japanese and the photo from ca. 1880.

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0 thoughts on “Ancient Sirens”

  1. Do I sense a vintage fetish in Robin?


    just kidding. ( i hope )
    Its quite interesting to see vintage photos from all cultures in my opinion. They really are great sources of information.

  2. Did you say fortunately or unfortunately Robin? I’m sorry guys but she a little too much on the fugly side for me. Now I only write that because I find it highly unlikely she’s checking in on AS. If she were say under 100…I probably woulda kept my opinion to myself…. 😉

  3. Definitely a woman of her time.”
    stripes…she should stay there:))
    robin appreciate the post, but you just killed my libido for the next 5 minutes:))

  4. Okay, so she isn’t exactly sexually stimulating by modern standards, but I find this stuff quite interesting intellectually. Pushing the boundaries for AS a bit perhaps, but I like that – it’s nice to be surprised by something unexpected sometimes (as long as it’s not too off-topic!).

  5. Haha, Robin where did you find this one? Perhaps you shoudl visit the Sexmuseum in Amsterdam once more. I’m sure they have some old stuff there 😉

  6. Robin … check out the work of photographer Felix Beato. He had a whole collection of these partial nude early Geisha photograhps, but they are licensed. Type him into Google and have a look. Good luck!

  7. And speaking of classic babes, for those of you who follow the Japanese photobook scene, Saki Takaoka and Kishin Shinoyama have released another book. Their “One, Two, Three” from 1995 is one of the most famous of photobooks. You can find the book on Amazon Japan by searching for the title, “Time Difference”. Here’s a Youtube video from a press conference. She looks lovely:

  8. FYI, it appears that the photobook I mention in the comment just above, “Time Difference”, is non-nude. Too bad about that.

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