Tomorrow will present a new model Amiko by photographer Rylsky. To promote Amiko, you can already find some nice photos of her on various affiliate-sites:





You can find the complete promo-set on the following sites:

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  1. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! ….um….let me rephrase that….What a knockout!

    My world would be so bleak without cameras vs. fine Asian hotties.

    p.s. – nice tits! 😛

  2. I got an email this morning from and they said that Amiko is – believe it or not – from Russia. I’ve found some tidbits that she is half-Japanese but haven’t any proof of that.

    Photographer Rylsky is from Russia as well.

  3. Amiko sounds much more Japanese to me than Russian, but I could be wrong. Although Russians from the border region with China can sometimes look quite Asian (interbreeding is quite common), I’d say at least half of her blood is Asian.

  4. there’s no doubt that she is “asian”. amiko sounds japanese because of the “ko” ending, but amiko is not a japanese female name that i have ever heard (after living there for many years and knowing many, many japanese females), and she doesn’t look japanese at all to me. i think that amiko is her stage name.

    and as for her being russian, that is totally possible. i have met quite a few “russians” with korean and/or chinese blood and features. what used to be the USSR covered a whole lot of territory, all the way to mongolia. also, another one of stalin’s great ideas was the (forced) transplanting of various ethnic minorities (including korean/chinese and also central-asians) from their native locations to other far-flung parts of the USSR to encourage overall “sovietness” and to dilute their ethnic loyalties and attachment to their native homelands and cultures. this is all well-documented

  5. When I said Asian in this case, of course I really meant oriental. I maintain my opinion that at least half her blood is Asian (oriental), but as stated above this is hardly unusual in the Russian border regions with China.

  6. ayumi! i just went to your profile, but it’s hamasaki’s page. haha! are you nihonjin? 日本人なら意見を聞かせてください。。。僕は、アミ子という下名前が初耳ですよ。網子?亜美子?

  7. Half-this, half-that…I don’t care what Amiko is as long as she’s at my place (in THAT outfit) when I get home from work today!

  8. She is most likely from the Russian far east provinces if they say she is Russian. At the end of the Pacific war, Russia seized several islands from Japan northeast of Hokkaido, which are still in dispute between the two to this day. Japan used to also possess half of Sakhalin Island; and hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops were stranded in the Russian far east when they surrendured to the Soviet army. Many of them weren’t repatriated back to Japan until the 1950’s, and some never got to go home.

    In other words, plenty of opportunities for her to have a substantial amount of Japanese blood in her background, so I can believe it.

  9. It’s amazing how a discussion about how gorgeous this model is turned into a debate about what her ethnic background is, with a review of post-WW2 history to boot. That’s interesting and all, but does it matter? What’s important is that she’s hot, and we must have more of her.

  10. My, my, my… what have we here… haha! I like her a lot! I don’t want to say more… Mom! I told you not to bother me while I’m cleaning my room!

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