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I saw 25 year old singer Amerie (pronounced A-Marie) perform on an awards show once and thought she was not only an up and coming talent, but also very beautiful. Until Nik2 mentioned her in my Kimora Lee posting, I had no idea Amerie was 1/2 Korean. She has two hot CD’s releases titled “All I Have” and “Touch”.

Excerpt from her bio on AllMusic: “Singer Amerie is the daughter of a Korean mother and an African-American father who was a career military member. She grew up on bases from Alaska to Germany, meanwhile gaining an appreciation of the classical arts from her mother and of R&B music from her father. She studied dance from an early age and performed in talent contests throughout her youth. After her high school graduation, her family finally settled down in Virginia, while she began to attend Georgetown University, from which she later graduated with a degree in English and Fine Arts.” Full bio here.

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  1. No problem Nik. I’m glad you reminded me of Amerie! 🙂

    My favorite Black female singer these days is Alicia Keys. She is one hot talent in a field of manufactured and talentless pop stars we have these days.

    Then, there is the White/Indian Norah Jones who is also great. For those of you who may not be aware, Norah Jones is the daughter of Indian sitar legend Ravi Shankar.

    Both Alicia and Norah are *real* musicians who play piano and compose their own music.

    Oh and for an Asian Singer, I really like Bic Runga

    I suppose technically I could feature Norah Jones on Asian Sirens. But that is starting to stretch it, so I’ll pass. I think Norah Jones is pretty, but overall she’s not a sex symbol type. Norah on Google Images.

  2. Don’t forget Sophie Koh (although she isn’t as gorgeous as Bic). Interesting how Asian singer-songwriters have been more successful in Australia than in the US.

    I will be doing a feature on my absolute favourite Asian female singer shortly (you’ll have to wait for my article to find out who she is!).

  3. actually, alicia is half-white. US has a weird, customary & totally incomprehensible system of classifying people by their race. keyes, halle berry, mariah carey, all have white mothers, yet they’re black. i work with a woman, paler than me (bear in mind i’m a green-eyed, yellow haired dane/pole/dutch), BUT she’s black (from US virgin islands. no less than a 90% dane)

    US is an awfully closed market. they don’t like non-english music, so except a few aussie/brit/ swedish groups, nobody makes it big here. even in NYC, where everyone behaves as if they were in europe.

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