Amanda Bach, sexy Vietnamese American model

Amanda Bach, sexy Vietnamese American model

Following up on the apparent popularity of Vietnamese models, I wanted to present Amanda Bach who was born and raised in Saigon and came to the US as a teenager. To be honest, she didn’t get my full attention until I found out about these nude body paint photos one of which is the photo above that show off her incredible body.

Her website is fairly extensive with a detailed Bio section, links to photos from her photoshoots, and even a featured model section.

Click on the more link for the direct links to the thumbnail photo gallery of her nude bodypaint photos as well as some other areas of interest.Nude bodypaint photo gallery
More links to photos from her photoshoots
Her detailed biography
Amanda Bach at
Interview at

Location: California
Age: 24
Date of birth: December 27, 1980
Height: 5′ 6″ / 168 cm
Weight: 109 lbs / 49 kg
Measurements: 34C-24-34 / 86C-61-86
Hair: Brown & below shoulder
Eyes: brown
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese

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  1. IMHO Vietnamese are the most beautiful women in the world, yet so many of them have all this surgery to make themselves look more western. So frustrating!

  2. As some of you allready know, I will be taking a first hand look at the beauty of Vietnamese women next month 🙂 Hope to do some photoshoots there, but all depends on availability of the models and our travelplans around the country (which we still don’t have; a Lonely Planet guide will lead us! ;-))

  3. Shooting them will unfortunately be difficult, but of course not impossible. Make sure you get shots of them in their beautiful and very figure-hugging traditional dress, the ao dai (pronounced ‘ow yie’, with a downward inflection).

    If you want to impress them, try and learn a few words of Vietnamese. But as it is a monosyllabic tone language, the pronunciation is very difficult. You have to get the inflection exactly right, or you’ll completely change the meaning of what you are trying to say!

    And yes, I am even more fanatical about Vietnamese women than I am about Japanese – if you can believe that! 🙂

  4. I will try to contact some on that website Marco suggested.

    Don’t think I will try to learn Vietnamese for the three weeks I am there. Except for: ‘toy an chay’. Which is supposed to mean: I am vegetarian.

    Don’t let Sachiko hear that about Japanese women! 😉

  5. Amazingly, Sachiko agrees with me about Vietnamese women – she is stunned by the fact that out of the many Vietnamese women she knows, more than half of them are gorgeous!

    You only need to pick up a few Vietnamese words, such as chau (pronounced jow – hello and goodbye) and karm ern (pronounced kum ern – meaning thank you).

  6. uh no in places like Japan, Korea and certain parts of China the plastic surgery is RAMPANT..and in Korea they get they calves shaved or was it offence but you need help finding better looking vietnamese ladies

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