Alie Layus


Alie Layus is a Filipino/Irish mixed model. She posed for Playboy but the photos are heavily touched up, as usual. Other photos of her are below for your enjoyment. She now works as a DJ.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Filipina/Irish
Located: LA, CA












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  1. Indeed.Getting tatts: “BECAUSE I WANTED TO!!!”
    in your twenties…is making millionaires out of laser removal doctors in your thirties.Doc does’nt even know you yet…but he’s already spending your money on his first yacht. 🙂

  2. I’m not categorically opposed to tats if they’re at least tasteful and accent the body. Hearts on the arm doesn’t do much for me.

  3. I know so many who are vegan-this, anti-biotic/hormone-free that, organic all the time. Yet they think nothing of having metals and dyes injected into their skin.

    This girl in a few years is going to make a laser tattoo-remover very happy.

  4. Attractive girl! I like her more in last pic before her boob-job. Prefer tattoo-free girls overall.

  5. She is very maganda. Her taste in tattoos leaves much to be desired. Original, creative and personal tattoos can be very sexy but not flash from off the walls or books.

  6. Gorgeous girl. Esp pic 4 – in the field..with clothes on!!
    And the tats..haven’t heard from anyone who says they like these particular ones.
    And I’m not gonna be a dissenter either.
    Last pic..I thought she had a bad rash on her arm. Bad, bad bad designs and placement.

  7. she needs more tats and heavier eye makeup .. LOL

    what are these girls thinking? she looks ridiculous.

  8. She’s got that sexy rock chick vibe about her. She’s hot and I love her tattoos. I just dissented. 🙂

  9. So many pretty girls (regardless of ethnicity) are getting tattoos all over their bodies these days. They’ll regret it when they get older. Oh, and if you have a lot to remove, it’s cheaper to buy a machine and learn to do it yourself. Believe me, I know. Removing tattoos is a painful process ….especially to your bank account.

  10. Those playboy pictures are hilarious. They look more like drawings than photographs.

    I agree with everyone else on the tats. Too bad because she’s HOT HOT HOT!

  11. Oh California, land of sun and plenty…of beautiful girls. And Alie is a fine example. But I’ll never understand the obsessions of too much make-up, ugg boots, useless piercings, and terrible tattoos. Oh, and why does everyone here smoke? I thought these people were supposed to be health-nuts?

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