Aki Hoshino Photobook

Aki Hoshino

And yet another Japan-idol photobook: An Adult Aki. Check out the gallery at Idols-unlimited.com

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  1. Cute. Some of those japanese girls looks seriously underage really. But she probably is around 20, right?

  2. THAT’s! is a pretty woman, I guess thats what they call my type 😀 Thanks for the other names Robin.

  3. Aki is legal, but it’s very Japanese to have their idols look as young as possible. everything has to be “kawaii”.

  4. Name: Hoshino Aki – ほしのあき (星野亜希)

    Nickname: Akki – アッキー

    Date of Birth: 1977-03-14

    Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

    Height: 165cm

    Blood type: O

    Hobbies: Massages, Walking.

    DVD Releases (Not in Chronoligical Order)

    Finder Love Guide

    Bengoshi no Kuzu – TV Series

    Gekkan Aki Hoshino Special

    Hoshino Expo

    Watashi Tonjaimashita

    Play H


    Girls Love Live


    Kachikomi Keji Ondorya! Daisosasen Shinsaibashi wo Fusa seyo

    Gekkan Aki Hoshino

    I Wish You Love

    With You

    Honey Angel

    Beach Angels in Hawaii

    Kekkou Kamen (Mask the Kekkou) Surprise


    Yaju no Shori Join 1316

    Kekkou Kamen Returns

    Se-jo!! 2 Aki Hoshino


    Se-jo! Series B: Aki Hoshino

    Aki Hoshino Darn-Tarn


    (This is not plagiarized, I compiled this short bio by myself)

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