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Aiko is a webcam model from CamWithHer. When I first found the gallery I thought it may be Aiko Tanaka with some photoshopping but now I’m convinced they are not the same girl, as it looks like this model may be mixed blood (also they don’t look alike, so that was a contributing factor). She doesn’t have any photos that are too revealing for a cam model but I suspect she does more on her cam show. More galleries can be found at the above link at the bottom.

Edit: Thanks to a loyal commenter, it’s pointed out that the model is also better known as Sabiy, a model I had actually considered featuring recently but for some reason didn’t recognize. Thanks!


Age: 26
Height: 5’1






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  1. LONG TIME lurker, but joined this site because of this post. I’m having a hard time believing she went down this route. My friend talked about her a few times because she used to be friends with her. She also goes by “Sabiy/Sabiy Rose/Sabrina Rose”. Her real name is Sabrina Lau, and a UC Irvine graduate. I remember seeing another UC Irvine graduate on this site before, but I digress. I guess she joined CWH and created a completely new alias so people wouldn’t associate the two together. I suppose she did it for the money. I don’t blame her…it’s tough out there, especially for models. BTW, she’s full Chinese…no joke. She’s mentioned this on her blog before (Twitter, Myspace). She used to have a Facebook, but looks like she either deleted it or hid herself from non-friends. If you go through her blog, it looks like she’s going through a lot in life and her mind. I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life one day. Anyways, I find it funny her CWH profile says “bisexual” when she’s never mentioned it on any of her other sites before. Probably said it to attract more guys (and girls) to her profile. Again, I’ve never met her; I just know of her.

  2. On the MM site, she is on a list of ‘probably one of the most beautiful women in the world’ – and who would argue with that? She is simply gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for the edits. Next time I’ll play around with the Preview button to see if I can get the links right.
    The first sentence on her CWH profile made me laugh: “Because I’m a hot Cam With Her Southern girl, you can call me Hot Angelina”. Unless I’m ignorant of her past, she’s been a California girl all her life. I’ve been told she’s pretty smart, and went to a very prestigious high school in NorCal. Plus, where did “Angelina” come from? o_O
    Also, I found it odd she did nude shoots and the “possible” nude show on CWH when her MM page says, “Shoot nudes: No”. Like I mentioned before, I guess $$$$$ talks.

  4. I think this girl will be quite a discovery for those of us who didn’t know her before. She’s gorgeous. Its almost enough to make me want to throw some $ at CWH to see more.

  5. lol might say that. Although the link does show ‘viewall’, did clicking on it take you to a single shot or the whole lot? “Woops I did it again”?
    btw thanks guys for the extra pics, esp the nipple glimpses.

  6. Ok, that’s better (after lots of attempts to get the right URL).
    This pic got over 70 comments, and 7000+ views, three times as many as one of her nude shots. So it’s worth a long lingering look I feel.
    I love the way she has her arms raised, the ‘bare it all’ open pose of her crotch and breasts, with the nipples visible through the thin material. The shot reeks of erotic suggestiveness – right down to the peek of her panties above the partly unzipped shorts. And the wonderful expression on her face, partly covered by her hair.
    Just delicious.

  7. A webcam girl with no (visible at least) tats? Amazing!

    And Aiko/Sabiy/Sabrina is hot by any name.

  8. I have always felt the CWH has a lack of Asians, or they dont make the front page enough for me to consider signing up.

    Akio goign to make me do a vid-search however, so see her shake it, that might get me to sign up…

  9. I am normally a fan of slightly cross-eyed Asian women but it doesnot work for her, that said she has some very nice photos.

  10. Fantastic legs. And no, does not “need boobs.” If Stripes doesn’t like what she’s got, he’s welcome to leave this one for others of us.

  11. It’s probably going to start snowing here in Southern California – Lee and I are agreeing way too much lately. Cute, but nothing amazing. And STRIPES, I’m with you, (well done) implants would help.

  12. I like this one… I think all the lighting and make-up is covering up a sweetness that’s trying to show itself. I’d love to photograph her just strolling around downtown San Diego. Then again… maybe sweetness is not what she’s trying to portray. Damn my artistic world-view… haha!

  13. Actually, there’s a guy who shoots models nude on the streets of San Francisco (Karl Malden and Michael Douglas not involved, although Michael’s spouse would be welcome). Maybe you could do the same in San Diego — Aiko is better looking than the other guy’s models.

  14. I would SO do that… If its ok with the powers that be here @ AS, I’d love to use the site as a venue for the models to display their… um… talents? Haha! I’d blog again and use the photos for my portfolio and for content here… and I’d do it for free – unless someone wants to give me the incentive to shoot more, haha, wink-wink!

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