Aida @ Asian4You

Aida @ Asian4You

The past few days I’ve done some research on paysites that could be interesting to select as affiliate partner for Asian Sirens. The problem with most of these sites (or better with the models featured on these sites) is that they are (over)used by many other sites as well. They all offer the same free picture galleries of the same models (most from Thailand). So what can Asian Sirens add to all of this?Well, I hope we can provide some additional information on the models that are featured on the paysites. And if we can’t, perhaps visitors of Asian Sirens can help us to find more information about them.

Today we start with Aida @ Asian4You (see also the little promo on the left).

At the moment there are 5 free galleries of her that you can find here, here, here, here and here.

Aida is also known as Zsa Zsa @, Sara Tainwisat @ and Saryanna @ (thanks Zamscan).

Anyone who knows more about Aida? Where is she coming from? Is she featured on other sites as well and if so what name is she using? Who did the photoshoots?

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  1. Probably she is Thai (at least that is where most of the models from these sites are coming from) but I noticed also that a lot of girls from Indonesia are working in Thailand!?

    At 88square I found some stats of Aida (or Sara Tainwisat). She is 21 years old and her measurements are T:163 B:80(B) W:62.5 H:81.

  2. Actually, now you mention it she may be Indonesian also. The name ‘Sara Tainwisat’ could be either – as you can tell I don’t know anywhere near as much about Thai and Indonesians as I do about Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese! 🙂

  3. I can never tell from Thai, indonesian or so. And i am as same as Lee knows a little more about looks that are vietnamese, chinese and japanese.

    I’m thinking since they are bigger countries and not so close together they are more defined.

  4. You could be right, but personally I think it’s just because I have many Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese friends, so I am more familiar with them.

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