Agnesmayasari Dang Dang (Sari)


This stunning model is Agnesmayasari Dang Dang, though from what I can tell, she goes by the modeling name Sari. You can browse her portfolios here and here. She is a young Vietnamese model born in Indonesia, and at only 20 years old I have very high hopes for her future.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Georgia












Official Website

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  1. What’s wrong with Photoshop? They’re models.

    The problem with Photoshop is that it can be misleading when judging someone’s beauty. But from what I can tell, she’s cute regardless, so who cares?

  2. her legs look a bit thick, short and stumpy for my liking. but she has a nice face in some photos.

  3. Travis: Oh come on. You have to cut some slack considering that every single pic you posted for this girl has been heavily edited/photoshopped.

    Perhaps there are more “candid” pics of her on the web (or vids, like you posted) but you can’t fault someone for commenting on the only pics posted in this profile.

    Personally, I love this site and visit it every day, but I would really like to see more “candid” pics if they are available. It gives the readers some context on the beauty of the model vs the expertise of the photographer/photoshopper.

  4. Remarkable selection of pics at the various links…from the Jane Austen look to some lovely bikini shots, from Victorian England to Malibu!

  5. If they are easily available and good photos, sure, but candid photos are often simply bad photos and rarely readily available. All I’m here for is to introduce you to the model. For the rest you can use the magic of Google =).

  6. She’s a Georgia Peach! I like her opening statement on her site about sticking with her Vietnamese heritage and happy to have freedom- she even mentions her parents. She does say Vietnamese/Chinese, so maybe that is her mix?

    That third pick with the necklace in her mouth is really hot. REALLY hot.

    Her legs may be a bit shorter than most but that is OK. What is not OK is when she wears footwear that “shortens” them even more.


    Shorter legged models should not choose “gladiator shoes” (with the wrapping), mini boots, or any kind of “closed foot” wear. It shortens the leg.

    As one who has spent hundreds of thousands of hours walking behind Asian girlfriends (while holding their LV purses) while they shoe shop- this I know. 🙂

  7. Also, I have a feeling you have completely misinterpreted the tone in response to My point is that there is no reason to be upset that a model has photoshopped photos. They’re models. You can find the model less attractive in person, but there is no reason to be mad at people using photoshop. What slack do I need to give? I didn’t leave a spiteful or upset comment.

  8. Oh man, where do I start.

    The overuse of radial gradients, chromatic yellow and improper violin positioning was merely annoying compared to the crime of her skin tone in the pink dress photo.

    Still, good eyes.

  9. …the first photo was soooo promising…and then the gaussian blur filter and airbrush had a fight on her face for the rest of them…..

  10. Badnews is right, I clicked “more” with great anticipation.

    Maybe its just that she has two or three great photos in her portfolio and two or three hundred bad ones.

    I also noticed that on the bad ones her makeup is horrible, washing out her features.

    Also the posing is awkward, but forgivable in the short run.

    On the plus side…

    Great cheekbones.
    Great eyes
    Great lips
    Great nose

    On the negative…

    That knees together, blue background photo is truly unfortunate.

  11. I agree that her lower body is a bit stocky and that her photos are way overdone, but I am nevertheless fairly confident that she’s a cute and pretty girl.

  12. W0W! I’m gonna have to say, I love her so…and I live in georgia too! Yaaay She’s such an angel in the third shot from the bottom.

  13. Leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, whoo woo. -Gladys Night and the Pips

    I wonder if she has a Georgian accent? That would be deadly.

  14. She has a great body, but theres something about her face that isnt 100%…. Hey Doc, have you ever post Diem Nguyen??? She is a smokin hot, playboy model! You should give her a look, my friend. Thanks

  15. Cold shower time. Hits my sweet spot. My, oh my, and a whole lot of etc. She’s stunning. Hey, her legs are long enough to reach the ground, and she’s petite enough to carry around if they don’t. I’d carry her around.

  16. unrelated – how do i miss the bulk of the comments? am i on a completely different time zone from everyone else? i feel like once i comment on a post, everyone’s already had their say and i’m not really part of the discussion. maybe i need to wake up earlier. are you guys all on here at like 8 am or something?!?!?!?! i’m a student, my schedule is like wake @ 10 am, sleep at 3 am. 😛

    anyway — i’m pretty satisfied by the comments on this girl. seems like everyone had some pretty astute comments about the photoshop techniques used and weren’t duped by tricks like angling or gaussian blur or whatnot. it made me feel like the level of discourse here was definitely above the normal “omg she’s hot, i wud totally hit dat” level for most sites of similar content. go a-s!

    french, seems like you date some high maint. girls? i feel sorry for the man that is coerced into the role of bag carrier by a woman that is shopping. 🙁 i know i only go shopping like twice a year (thanks, student budget and generally tomboyish demeanor!) but girls should know by now that shopping and guys generally don’t mix 🙁

  17. wtf? how did you end up picking these photos out of her portfolio? the ones on her istudio are so amazing in comparison! they’re photoshopped, but they’re not photoshopped badly. and the artistry seems to be much better, and the concepts a lot more interesting. for ex.:

  18. ….travis i’m beginning to think that you have a thing for gaussian blur, based on your comments on maja truong’s skin in the first pic in her post. LOL. 🙂 if that’s the case, i guess to each their own.

  19. @Christine – funny about the omg i wud totally hit dat…lol

    Yeah, I dated high-maintenance women but I am learning and trying to improve. I think the trick is to simply recognize it sooner rather than later, and then act on those observations.

    You shouldn’t comment first, you should be batting 4th or later, like a clean-up hitter (American baseball reference). If you went first you would raise the bar so high that no one would ever follow your post with a “i wud totally hit dat action” and then the Doc couldn’t bust anyone.

    Then again, if a model clicked on her own segment and saw your fancy words first, she may not think that this was a PORN SITE peddling sin and vice. 😉

    But half the fun of this site is watching Doc bust people!

  20. well, speaking from the opposite end of the spectrum as more of a tomboyish girl, the downside of dating one of us is we’re not nearly as feminine and probably won’t give you the feeling of being the “guy” in the relationship. sometimes we will even wrestle you! or race you up hills. 🙂

  21. Travis: I think it’s pretty clear by all of the posts in this thread that people DO care about photoshop. ^_^ I was merely commenting that it’s sometimes difficult to get the whole context of a model’s beauty when the pics presented have been so obviously processed and manufactured.

    And yes, I could perform further research on my own time to see if I could find more candid pics of various models… but I am lazy and less ambitious in my desire to research the authenticity of beauty. ^^;;

    Having said that, I just want to make it clear that I more than appreciate your contributions here! So I meant no disrespect, yo! 😛

  22. omg i would totally go out with her! 🙂

    I agree with that we are having too much photoshop these days. It’s everywhere. We should rebel. Magazines, ads, online photos, it’s getting out of hand. I like some illusion but not all the freakin time.

    Sari is pretty but very short legs and stocky. Still, while she’s in shape, she’s hot for me.

    What’s the ‘mirror’ for at 1.44 in that video of the 3rd comment, from Travis?

  23. i want to echo what sevendeuce said. travis, your contributions are very very appreciated here. i admire your dedication to giving us regularly updated a-s content 🙂

  24. @French: glad you enjoy our in-forum entertainment. 😉

    @Christine: French is right – you often offer an incisive (and amusing!) counterpoint to a lot of the views expressed in a thread, so I think it is better that you come in later. If you came in first, other posters might be unwilling to go up against you. 🙂

  25. i notice actually that when i do comment first, all of the other comments are like “i don’t know what christine is talking about, this girl is hot. she doesn’t have an ott nose job/her boobs aren’t too big or fake/her face isn’t too manly”

  26. Argh. I can spot a fake left violin-hand from a mile away. I almost find that detail worse than her hams.

    Borrowed sophistication. Me no likey.

    While I am examining her photos, can someone explain to me why so many Vietnamese models has borderline painted eyebrows?

    All in all, the face is nice. When I saw the title of the post, I was confused because she looked pretty damn Vietnamese to me. And she is.

    I dig her nose.

  27. @christine: I’m totally with you on the tom-boy thing. One of the best things about being a tomboy is looking better than the girly girls when you get dressed up! I always despised high maintenance women. Men should not be carrying shit for us. We can carry it ourselves, thank you very much. 🙂

    I like a man I can play cards with, debate, or arm wrestle, if the occasion calls for it.

  28. You still owe me a sample of your violin playing Acumen – if it’s anything like your angelic singing…

    I’ve often wondered why Vietnamese American models are so fond of the sharpie too.

  29. Oh, yeah. Who knows if it will ever get done? The last time I picked up my violin, I was saddened by how bad I’m getting. But hey, that’s what happens when you don’t practice. Suffice it to say that I was always pretty good, but not amazing or anything like that.

    My uncles tell me I should quit my intellectual pursuits and strive for Paris By Night or something like that. 😛

  30. Ah, Paris By Night – one of my guilty pleasures. 🙂

    In all seriousness though, I’ve found it to be surprisingly good. It seems Vietnamese are really into variety shows – there always seems to be some kind of Viet variety show touring down here.

  31. we look better than the girly girls when we get dressed up because the girly girls’ faces are totally beat from years of abuse! all of that makeup, tanning, and w/e they do to it. eek.

    on the other hand i have to worry about sun damage! 🙁 i like being outside too much. yay sun.

  32. Yeah, what Christine says is absolutely true – that young, dolled-up girl you’re dating now won’t maintain her looks as well as that geek or tomboy across the room, because all that makeup etc. really does damage your skin over the long haul.

  33. Christine, the simplest and best thing you and everyone else can do is to wear sunscreen when you are outdoors and use something gentle like Dove when you clean-up….skin cancer, especially on lighter-skinned Asians, is not a good thing. And Dove is gentle and has moisturizer in it.

    When I see Asian women going to tanning booths, I know they will be the same women who will spend a small fortune ten years later on facials, creams, “procedures”, etc….anything to counter the dryness, sunspots, and wrinkles.

    Buy a few bottles every year (sunscreen’s effectiveness drops after a year) and place one in the car, one in the purse, one in the home, one in your book bag….and wear a baseball cap! Nothing cuter than an Asian woman with her hair through that space in the back of the hat. Well, the bunny picture last week was cuter, but the hat thing would be a close second.

    I don’t mean to “mother” you here but this is important. It’s never too late to do the right thing. (Yes, I dated a Vietnamese Dermatologist.)

    And speaking of Paris (not the variety show)…Paris in early May is the best time to go…no tourists yet, you can see the sights, and hit the Vietnamese night clubs. Listen to French on this one.

  34. I do enjoy the Gaussian (sp?) blur, actually. Quite a bit. And I can honestly say that photoshop really doesn’t bother me in the slightest, since all I’m doing is trying to enjoy the photos. People look 100000000x different in person, so I’ll worry more about how they look in person the next time I see them.

  35. All this talk of tomboys is making me nostalgic; wistful thoughts of women I once knew. I’d like to see an Asian Siren tomboy. it would be a nice break from some of the recent fare.

  36. That fourth photo might be the worst makeup job ever outside of a Tim Burton film. Yeesh, Fright Night.

    Meanwhile, stocky legs? What are you people, horse traders? She seems to have perfectly nice legs.

    Pretty girl. Good work, Travis

  37. I Photoshop myself before I go out theses days!
    Arf, if you are leaving Georgia make sure you bring Sari along.
    The first photo is great.

  38. Personally – I suspect she’s quite beautiful – all over!

    Her face is R E M A R K A B L E !!!

    Her lower body lookd awkwardly ‘stocky’ in some photos but not so bad in others…

    My suspicion is that she’s been dressed and posed by an IDIOT of a photographer who doesn’t know how to bring our ALL of her better qualities!!!

    Often – it’s not the clothes worn – but the size and fit of the clothes that are being worn (like those ultra tight, hidious fish nets)

  39. I would totally be up for an wrestling (or arm wrestling) match with an Asian tomboy! Then, maybe I could totally hit dat as well;-)

    No running, though, as I’m too out of shape (just bought an exercise bike, so hopefully that will change).

    I love the baseball cap with the ponytail look — how to get the wifey to try it?

  40. I keep coming back here. I like her a lot. I don’t think there is as much Photoshop as some people here think. I hired a girl last week who is Chinese Filipina and her eyes are identical to Sari’s here… no wide contacts needed, no retouching or heavy makeup. I was surprised at the eyes and laughed a little to myself when I realized that many Asian girls really do have eyes that naturally look like they have been touched up and fitted with the colored contacts. That’s probably how the trend started (“I want my eyes to look like THAT!” and then they are off to the contacts and heavy makeup).

    I agree with the comment above about the 4th photo makeup, it’s quite a turnoff. But the photo above that with the necklace may be my favorite.

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