Adriana Lynn


Adriana Lynn is an amateur model from the US that unfortunately shares her name with an adult actress that is considerably less attractive than she is (albeit with a different spelling). It must make it odd to apply for jobs.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: ?
Located: California




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  1. Yes, quite attractive.

    Was going too say, click on the ‘amateur model’ link above if you wanted more arf.
    But then after I saw what was there, Travis might have included just one more from there and we’d have the whole portfolio here.
    Minus the ‘available only to members over 18’ shot there.

  2. Well, the first photo should have been posted for Halloween, but I like the other two. I’m not even going to try and guess her ethnicity.

  3. I especially like the one not posted with her in the camo bikini with the dust mask on. She’s very alluring. Now who can provide a link to the 18+ pic?

  4. This is funny but I have known her for a few years

    She is Taiwanese lives is L.A. is 26 if I remember right and is a sweet girl

    So funny to open this site up & see her!!

  5. Adriana Lynn is the definition of β€˜allure’
    Not just pretty, not just sexy, I’m sure
    Pix both here and on Model Mayhem
    I really enjoy looking at them.

    Now, pic number one is looking abit tough
    Fine for the arts, but for me abit rough.
    It almost makes her look somewhat too mean
    Perhaps better suited for the day Halloween.

    Pic number three is a thoughtful repose
    Lost in thought – in what I suppose
    Her face gently curves, her eyes bore right in
    Looking deep in your soul, to determine what’s within.

    So, I’m drawn completely to pic number two
    My mental state, it may cause, to completely unglue
    I’m convinced, that from another angle I can glance
    More down that top and be happy perchance.

    Now, I’ve got nothing against Abercrombie
    Except when it hides the flesh not to see
    Oh! What a fantasy, to pull down that zipper
    I’d die and go to heaven, yes, this young dbldipper.

  6. ahh, she’s got eyes like kaiya lynn, whom I used to chat with when she worked at LL in SF. I didn’t get to do anything with her, but there’s plenty of visual evidence around on her feelings on being penetrated…..pure demon.

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