A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

There has been written a lot (both in posts and comments) about Tila Tequila here on Asian-Sirens, and there will be said a lot more after this post!

Hurry to the MTV pages with lots of clips from her series. (thanks to Stephen for the tip.)

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  1. So much said and written about so little.
    Her main attribute is her ability to attract attention to herself.

  2. At one time Tila was cute. It seems as thought that was a LOONG time ago.

    The show is horrid, IMO. Of course, this kind of garbage is just the beginning of the end of the world, as we know it.

  3. I’d have to agree with you on this. I did’nt even watch the show, just the preview, and I even think that is just horrible, and stupid. But she is cute and that body, man, I love.

  4. porn is the next move 🙂 thank god. she is viet and i hate her. the most stupid and annoying show. and she doesnt look as cute as before all the plastics.

  5. Her body is bangin’ and there is some hot lesbo action, but after watching 1 3/4 episodes, I couldn’t watch anymore. The show is just awful. I’ll stick to porn for hot lesbo action.

    On a side note, I tried to watch Pageant Place yesterday because Riyo Mori is in it and nothing else was on, but I ended up going through 5 minutes and having to turn it off. I’m done with MTV.

  6. I agree the show is rot-gut, and the lowest common denominato. But I think Tila is really great on the show. For her to even have a show on MTV is pretty amazing to me. Props to Tila.

  7. maybe hate is too strong of a word. she is just not too talented and is riding her 15 minutes to death. i cant believe they exploit her bisexual for a stupid show…now if it was a porn movie maybe it would have been more watchable:) she does have a cute butt though 🙂

  8. She’s at her apex now, it’s all gonna go down from here. 😉

    Hand it to her, she’s not even close to be the hottest amongst her “peers” in the Asian web-model world, but she’s a mass-marketing dynamo.

    Still, the second I heard her speak and sing she dropped quite a few points.

  9. Her voice is annoying. Her body is hot. Her show is just terrible.

    MTV is going down the drain, they should close doors or change name, that’s not the MTV I used to know.

  10. jd…what is a voldermort? somekind of troll or dwarf? that is why my said about tila..she has the elfish look about her..but in a good way…especially with the booty 🙂 just as long as she doensnt speak or sing…maybe just moan and scream :))

  11. I heard her voice on the radio the other night. Just awful & grating. Hot body tho.

    MTV was named that because it was MUSIC TV. Meaning music videos. Name hasn’t applied in over 15 years!

  12. Lord Voldemort is Harry Potter’s nemesis. Gotta agree with those who say she’s not THAT hot. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t jump at the chance to go out with her (if I was single) 🙂 but just that she is overhyped.

  13. For a girl with no talent beyond having a hot ass, you have to give her credit for getting all this attentiion.

    The show is better if you watch with the sound off.

  14. How she got a record contract is beyond me. How did she even get so famous? Was it because of myspace, or playboy? Would she have been so famous on myspace if it wasnt for her playboy shoots?

  15. She was pretty popular as a nude model, but she didn’t get famous until people started adding as a friend to their MySpace. And then the media started picking up on how popular she was which was such an old story but websites with UCC was hot at the moment. She’s just capitalizing on the attention that she has been receiving. I have no problem with that, I just would like to see her go back to Tila Nguyen.

  16. I remember way back in 87′, staying up till 3:00am every Saturday watching HeadBangers Ball. Not anymore though.

  17. i watch vh1 classic now…mtv sucks. all weird music and shows. guess i am an old geezeer :)) arf, you were borned before 87? :))

  18. I watch teh intarwebs…

    So anywho, i just looked at this show. Her parents should shoot her. Seriously. The “I’m bisexual” gig is not entertaining. Disgrace.

  19. Anyone noticed anything in those pictures? where are her tatoos? I think she’s a pretty girl but I would never bring her home to meet my family.

  20. i feel like tila et al. had the same tv spark as all the trashy skanky people did on “real world” before people stopped tuning in. i think that it was actually just “real world” rehashed, with the same palette of characters (the bitch, the cocky bro, the actually likeable character), but since it was in a different ‘costume,’ everyone tuned in though they were being fed the same reality bull :/

    just like how america’s next top model exhausted itself with 9 cycles, but now vh1 is coming out with this show called “make me a supermodel” which is pretty much the same deal

  21. tila tequila has a new video out for her song “stripper friends.” predictably she takes off her clothes, tries to act ‘badass,’ and pretends to get sexual with both guys and girls.

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